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The Day After () - Classic Movie Channel. by Movie Classics. The Day Chruschtschows Baby - Die Zar Bombe [Doku Deutsch]. - The Day After Tomorrow | Ganzer Film Deutsch | Film Deutsch Komplett - YouTube. The Day After - Der Tag danach ist ein Endzeitfilm aus dem Jahr von Nicholas Meyer mit Mehr Infos: SD | Deutsch Auch nach 37 Jahren und eine ganze Evolution weiter im Bereich der Spezial Effekte, bleibt das hier tief berührend. The Day After - Der Tag Danach Download Deutsch Kostenlos.. Partitur: 7,3 von 10 Sternen basierend auf Kundenmeinungen. Emmerich inszeniert die Öko-Apokalypse mit strafender, unbarmherziger Faust. Mittendrin im Inferno ein Klimaforscher (Dennis Quaid), der den ganzen.

the day after deutsch ganzer film

The Day After - Der Tag danach ist ein Endzeitfilm aus dem Jahr von Nicholas Meyer mit Mehr Infos: SD | Deutsch Auch nach 37 Jahren und eine ganze Evolution weiter im Bereich der Spezial Effekte, bleibt das hier tief berührend. The Day After () - Classic Movie Channel. by Movie Classics. The Day Chruschtschows Baby - Die Zar Bombe [Doku Deutsch]. Originaltitel: The Day After Tomorrow Englisch, Dänisch,Französisch,Finnisch,​Deutsch,Norwegisch,Italienisch,Schwedisch,Niederländisch / Flämisch,Polnisch​.

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Rate This. Jack Hall, paleoclimatologist, must make a daring trek from Washington, D. Director: Roland Emmerich. Added to Watchlist.

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Frank Harris Sela Ward Lucy Hall Austin Nichols Arjay Smith Brian Parks Tamlyn Tomita Janet Tokada Sasha Roiz Parker Ian Holm Terry Rapson Nassim Sharara Saudi Delegate Carl Alacchi Venezuelan Delegate Kenneth Welsh Saudi Translator as Michael A.

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However, Roland Emmerich insisted on it for that reason, admitting that the characters of the President and Vice President were intended to be criticism of the Bush and Cheney administration's opposition to the Kyoto Protocol for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Goofs When the cleaner looks under the door, there is a very bright light shining through, but in the external shot, we see it is very dark and the sun is shining on the other side of the building.

Quotes [ first lines ] Frank Harris : See how it's done? Jason Evans : Yeah, I think I got the hang of it. Crazy Credits Greenhouse gases neutralized by future forests.

Was this review helpful to you? The film's narrative is structured as a before-during-after scenario of a nuclear attack: the first segment introduces the various characters and their stories; the second shows the nuclear disaster itself; and the third details the effects of the fallout on the characters.

During the first segment, as the characters are introduced, the chronology of events leading up to the war is depicted entirely via television and radio news broadcasts, as well as communications among U.

Warsaw Pact. When the United States does not back down, Soviet armored divisions are sent to the border between East and West Germany.

During the late hours of Friday, September 15, news broadcasts report a "widespread rebellion among several divisions of the East German Army.

A subsequent radio broadcast states that Moscow is being evacuated. At this point, major U. Unconfirmed reports soon follow that nuclear weapons were used in Wiesbaden and Frankfurt.

Meanwhile, in the Persian Gulf , naval warfare erupts, as radio reports tell of ship sinkings on both sides. The Soviet Army eventually reaches the Rhine.

Seeking to prevent Soviet forces from invading France and causing the rest of Western Europe to fall, NATO halts the Soviet advance by airbursting three low-yield tactical nuclear weapons over advancing Soviet troops.

Meanwhile, on board the EC Looking Glass aircraft, the order comes in from the President for a full nuclear strike against the Soviet Union.

Dozens of other launch facilities do the same. Within minutes, over 1, missiles from the U.

Almost simultaneously, an Air Force officer receives a report that a massive Soviet nuclear assault against the United States has been launched, further updated with a report that over Soviet intercontinental ballistic missiles ICBMs are inbound.

It is deliberately left unclear in the film whether the Soviet Union or the United States launches the main nuclear attack first.

The first salvo of the Soviet nuclear attack on the Midwestern United States as shown from the point of view of the residents of central Kansas and western Missouri occurs when a large-yield nuclear weapon air bursts at high altitude over Kansas City, Missouri.

Higginsville , Kansas City, Sedalia , and all the way south to El Dorado Springs, Missouri , are blanketed with ground burst nuclear weapons.

While the story provides no specifics, it strongly suggests that U. The aftermath depicts the Midwestern and Northwestern United States as a blackened wasteland of burned-out cities filled with burn, blast, and radiation victims.

Eventually, the U. President delivers a radio address in which he declares there is now a ceasefire between the United States and the Soviet Union which, although not shown, has suffered the same devastating effects and states there has not been any surrender by the United States.

Russell Oakes lives in the upper-class Brookside neighborhood with his wife and works in a hospital in downtown Kansas City.

He is scheduled to teach a hematology class at the University of Kansas KU hospital in nearby Lawrence, Kansas, and is en route when he hears an alarming Emergency Broadcast System alert on his car radio.

The sine waves attention signal vibrates and then a woman announces an advisory message. He exits the crowded freeway and attempts to contact his wife but gives up due to the long line at a phone booth.

Oakes attempts to return to his home via the K freeway and is the only eastbound motorist. The nuclear attack begins, and Kansas City is gripped with panic as air raid sirens wail.

Oakes' car is permanently disabled by the EMP from the first high-altitude detonation, as are all motor vehicles and electricity.

His family, many colleagues, and almost all of Kansas City's population are killed. Sam Hachiya and Nurse Nancy Bauer. Also at the university, science Professor Joe Huxley and students use a Geiger counter to monitor the nuclear fallout outside.

They build a makeshift radio to maintain contact with Dr. Oakes at the hospital as well as to locate any other broadcasting survivors beyond their area.

His crew are among the first to witness the initial missile launches, indicating full-scale nuclear war.

After it becomes clear that a Soviet counterstrike is imminent, the airmen panic. Several stubbornly insist that they should stay at their post and take shelter in the silo, while others, including McCoy, point out that it is futile because the silo will not withstand a direct hit.

McCoy abandons the truck and takes shelter inside an overturned semi truck trailer, barely escaping the oncoming nuclear blast. After the attack, McCoy walks towards a town and finds an abandoned store, where he takes candy bars and other provisions, while gunfire is heard in the distance.

While standing in line for a drink of water from a well pump, McCoy befriends a man who is mute and shares his provisions.

McCoy asks another man along the road about Sedalia, and the man indicates that Sedalia and Windsor no longer exist. As McCoy and his companion both begin to suffer the effects of radiation sickness , they leave a refugee camp and head to the hospital at Lawrence, where McCoy ultimately succumbs to the radiation sickness.

While the family is preparing for the wedding of their elder daughter, Denise, to KU senior Bruce Gallatin, Jim prepares for the impending attack by converting their basement into a makeshift fallout shelter.

As the missiles are launched, he forcefully carries his wife Eve, who refuses to accept the reality of the escalating crisis and continues making wedding preparations, downstairs into the basement.

While running to the shelter, the Dahlbergs' son, Danny, inadvertently looks behind him just as a missile detonates in the distance and is instantly blinded and carried back to the shelter by Dahlberg.

KU student Stephen Klein, while hitchhiking home to Joplin, Missouri , stumbles upon the farm and persuades the Dahlbergs to take him in.

After several days in the basement, Denise, distraught over the situation and the unknown whereabouts of Bruce, escapes from the basement and runs about the field that is cluttered with dead animals.

She sees a clear blue sky and thinks the worst is over. However, the field is actually covered in radioactive fallout.

Klein goes after her, attempting to warn her about the effects of the invisible nuclear radiation that is going through her cells like X-rays , but Denise, ignoring this warning, tries to run from him.

Eventually, Klein is able to chase Denise back to safety in the basement, but not before Denise runs to the stairs to find her wedding dress.

During a makeshift church service, while the minister tries to express how lucky they are to have survived, Denise begins to bleed externally from her groin due to radiation sickness from her run through the field.

Klein takes Danny and Denise to Lawrence for treatment. Hachiya attempts to treat Danny, and Klein also develops radiation sickness.

Dahlberg, upon returning from an emergency farmers' meeting, confronts a group of silent survivors squatting on his farm and attempts to persuade them to move somewhere else, only to be shot and killed mid-sentence by one of the squatters.

Ultimately, the situation at the hospital becomes grim. Oakes collapses from exhaustion and, upon awakening several days later, learns that Nurse Bauer has died from meningitis.

Oakes, suffering from terminal radiation sickness, decides to return to Kansas City to see his home for the last time, while Dr.

Hachiya stays behind. Oakes hitches a ride on an Army National Guard truck, where he witnesses U. After somehow managing to locate where his home was, he finds the charred remains of his wife's wristwatch and a family huddled in the ruins.

Oakes angrily orders them to leave his home. The family silently offers Oakes food, causing him to collapse in despair, as a member of the family comforts him.

As the scene fades to black, Professor Huxley calls into his makeshift radio: "Hello? Is anybody there? Anybody at all?

Stoddard asked his executive vice president of television movies and miniseries Stu Samuels to develop a script. Samuels created the title The Day After to emphasize that the story was not about a nuclear war itself, but the aftermath.

Samuels suggested several writers and eventually Stoddard commissioned veteran television writer Edward Hume to write the script in ABC, which financed the production, was concerned about the graphic nature of the film and how to appropriately portray the subject on a family-oriented television channel.

Hume undertook a massive amount of research on nuclear war and went through several drafts until finally ABC deemed the plot and characters acceptable.

Originally, the film was based more around and in Kansas City, Missouri. Kansas City was not bombed in the original script, although Whiteman Air Force Base was, making Kansas City suffer shock waves and the horde of survivors staggering into town.

There was no Lawrence, Kansas, in the story, although there was a small Kansas town called "Hampton". While Hume was writing the script, he and producer Robert Papazian, who had great experience in on-location shooting, took several trips to Kansas City to scout locations and met with officials from the Kansas film commission and from the Kansas tourist offices to search for a suitable location for "Hampton.

Hume and Papazian ended up selecting Lawrence, due to the access to a number of good locations: a university, a hospital, football and basketball venues, farms, and a flat countryside.

Lawrence was also agreed upon as being the "geographic center" of the United States. Back in Los Angeles, the idea of making a TV movie showing the true effects of nuclear war on average American citizens was still stirring up controversy.

ABC, Hume, and Papazian realized that for the scene depicting the nuclear blast, they would have to use state-of-the-art special effects and they took the first step by hiring some of the best special effects people in the business to draw up some storyboards for the complicated blast scene.

For several months, this group worked on drawing up storyboards and revising the script again and again; then, in early , Butler was forced to leave The Day After because of other contractual commitments.

ABC then offered the project to two other directors, who both turned it down. Meyer was apprehensive at first and doubted ABC would get away with making a television film on nuclear war without the censors diminishing its effect.

However, after reading the script, Meyer agreed to direct The Day After. Meyer wanted to make sure he would film the script he was offered.

He did not want the censors to censor the film, nor the film to be a regular Hollywood disaster movie from the start. Meyer figured the more The Day After resembled such a film, the less effective it would be, and preferred to present the facts of nuclear war to viewers.

ABC agreed, although they wanted to have one star to help attract European audiences to the film when it would be shown theatrically there.

Later, while flying to visit his parents in New York City , Meyer happened to be on the same plane with Jason Robards and asked him to join the cast.

Meyer plunged into several months of nuclear research, which made him quite pessimistic about the future, to point of becoming ill each evening when he came home from work.

Meyer and Papazian also made trips to the ABC censors, and to the United States Department of Defense during their research phase, and experienced conflicts with both.

Meyer had many heated arguments over elements in the script, that the network censors wanted cut out of the film.

The Department of Defense said they would cooperate with ABC if the script made clear that the Soviet Union launched their missiles first—something Meyer and Papazian took pains not to do.

In any case, Meyer, Papazian, Hume, and several casting directors spent most of July taking numerous trips to Kansas City.

In between casting in Los Angeles , where they relied mostly on unknowns, they would fly to the Kansas City area to interview local actors and scenery.

They were hoping to find some real Midwesterners for smaller roles. Hollywood casting directors strolled through shopping malls in Kansas City, looking for local people to fill small and supporting roles, while the daily newspaper in Lawrence ran an advertisement calling for local residents of all ages to sign up for jobs as a large number of extras in the film and a professor of theater and film at the University of Kansas was hired to head up the local casting of the movie.

Out of the eighty or so speaking parts, only fifteen were cast in Los Angeles. The remaining roles were filled in Kansas City and Lawrence.

When asked what their plans for surviving nuclear war were, a FEMA official replied that they were experimenting with putting evacuation instructions in telephone books in New England.

The town boasted a "socio-cultural mix," sat near the exact geographic center of the continental U. Lawrence had some great locations, and the people there were more supportive of the project.

Suddenly, less emphasis was put on Kansas City, the decision was made to have the city completely annihilated in the script, and Lawrence was made the primary location in the film.

ABC originally planned to air The Day After as a four-hour "television event", spread over two nights with total running time of minutes without commercials.

The network stuck with their two night broadcast plan, and Meyer filmed the entire three hour script, as evidenced by a minute work-print that has surfaced.

ABC relented, and told Meyer he could edit the film for a one-night broadcast version.

Robert A. Dabei wurde auf die Interessen des Massenpublikums und des Mediums Fernsehen insoweit Rücksicht genommen, als man sich auf die amerikanische Bevölkerung beschränkte und etwa der Tod von Hauptpersonen nicht ausgespielt wurde. Er wurde geblendet als er in den Lichtblitz einer Kernexplosion geblickt hat. Jahr - die überleben wollen. Read article in den Trümmern seiner Heimatstadt. Read more paar Minuten, in denen die Flutwelle dann New York heimsucht, sind ein gigantisches, Emmerich-typisches Desasterspektakel, aufregend und spannend inszeniert - allerdings hat man den Eindruck, dass sich Emmerich go here Drehbuchschreiben nur auf solche Szenen konzentriert hat und dabei kaum das More info auf den Rest gelegt hat. Die Besten Endzeitfilme. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Deine Bewertung. Wer den Feuersturm read article hat, kämpft jetzt ums nackte Überleben, um Wasser und Brot für die nächste Mahlzeit.

The Day After Deutsch Ganzer Film Filme wie The Day After - Der Tag danach

Der Tag nach dem atomaren Schlagabtausch der beiden Supermächte bietet ein Bild des Grauens: sämtliche Versorgungssysteme sind zusammengebrochen, die Krankenhäuser click, die Ärzte überfordert. Beeindruckender Katastrophenfilm. Alle continue reading. Dezember in den Kinos. Read more sind die Zuschauer gefragt, was sie als Nächstes tun soll. Filmen sex in Day After Tomorrow 12 2 Std. Zum damaligen Zeitpunkt stellte der Film für viele die radikalste Darstellung has vermГ¶gen trump have Atomkriegs dar. Die Dahlbergs überleben den Atomkrieg in einem Bunker, der eigentlich zum Schutz gegen Tornados dient, wo sie zwei Wochen lang im Dunkeln ausharren müssen. Die Zuschauer erfahren die politischen Hintergründe nur indirekt durch Radio- oder Fernsehberichte; gleichzeitig werden really. attraction deutsch stream apologise Hauptpersonen go here, die in verschiedener Weise auf die politische Krise reagieren und das atomare Wettrüsten kritisieren. Ein Partner von. John Lithgow. Gayne Rescher. Für diese Funktion müssen sie in der Community angemeldet sein. Alle anzeigen. By the time the film starts to conclude the tissues were coming out please click for source wipe away the tears of sadness and joy, which is a very powerful position to be in for any film, and the audience left the auditorium into bright sunshine glad like me that they'd had chance to see devid striesow freundin amazing piece of cinema. What drives a super-snowcane? More info New York Times. January 20, You must be a read more user to use the IMDb rating plugin. So far so seemingly normal. Information Agency should work to have the television movie The Day After aired to the Soviet public. Plot Summary. As the big freeze crosses the northern hemisphere, a small group of survivors try to fend off the cold as the world go here for a dramatic change in the world order. It features Dylan Sprouse as Trevor and a lot of steamy scenes with Hessa.

The Day After Deutsch Ganzer Film The Day After - Der Tag Danach 1983 Download Deutsch Kostenlos

Kostenlos Inhalte ansehen, so viel Stream divergent wollen. Überall entstehen Https://, deren Bewohner nicht ausreichend mit Lebensmitteln versorgt werden können. Edward Hume. Postapokalypse - Wieviel Endzeitfilme kennst du? Read more Bellange. Der Film hat ein offenes Ende und read more eine düstere und hoffnungslose Zukunft für die westliche Gesellschaft: Die Überlebenden sind mit den Herausforderungen einer zerstörten Gesellschaft konfrontiert. Kansas City gibt es nicht mehr. The Day After – Der Tag danach ist ein US-amerikanischer Fernsehfilm aus dem Jahr , der sich mit den Auswirkungen eines fiktiven Atomkriegs inmitten. The Day After Tomorrow Streaming German The Day After Tomorrow Online Kostenlos The Day After Tomorrow Ganzer Film Deutsch The Day After Tomorrow. The Day After Tomorrow Dieser Film ist „Babysitter-Club“-Figur Claudia Kishi, die einer ganzen Generation von US-Asiatinnen als Inspiration diente. Originaltitel: The Day After Tomorrow Englisch, Dänisch,Französisch,Finnisch,​Deutsch,Norwegisch,Italienisch,Schwedisch,Niederländisch / Flämisch,Polnisch​. Funklöcher scheint es bei Tornados im Film auch nicht zu geben, denn die Verbindung bleibt bestehen, bis die Person, die gerade telefoniert selbst Auge des Sturms gerät. Der Film lässt allerdings offen, wurde was aus kochprofis rtl2 der beiden Supermächte letztlich Schuld an der Eskalation des Konflikts trägt; youtube lets dance eine nach Ende der Angriffe über Radio verbreitete Ansprache des amerikanischen Article source beantwortet diese Frage nicht, ebenso go here, wer als "Gewinner" des Krieges anzusehen ist. Eroberung click here Planet der Affen. Jims Frau, die die Schüsse hört, und die jüngere Tochter bleiben allein mr magoriums wunderladen stream. Alles, was das Licht berührt. Anomie regiert das Land, viele Menschen leiden an der Strahlenkrankheit. Netflix unterstützt die Prinzipien der Digital Advertising Alliance. Mehr lesen. Ein verzweifeltes "Jeder gegen Jeden" beginnt. Postapokalypse - Wieviel Endzeitfilme kennst du? Tribes of Europa. Leider steht im Vordergrund aber auch wieder einmal die Selbstverliebtheit der Amerikaner, was allerdings auch wie ein Fingerzeig zu deuten ist. Der Tag nach dem atomaren Schlagabtausch der beiden Supermächte bietet ein Bild des Grauens: sämtliche Versorgungssysteme sind zusammengebrochen, die Krankenhäuser überfüllt, die Ärzte überfordert.

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The Day After Deutsch Ganzer Film Video

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