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Kenny vs. Spenny war eine kanadische Reality/Comedy-Show, die von 20produziert wurde. In der Sendung Kenny vs. Spenny ging es um diverse Wettkämpfe zwischen Kenneth Hotz und Spencer Rice. Beide wurden in Toronto, Kanada geboren und. Kenny vs. Spenny war eine kanadische Reality/Comedy-Show, die von 20produziert wurde. In der Sendung Kenny vs. Spenny ging es um diverse. Kenneth Joel „Kenny“ Hotz (* 3. Mai in Toronto, Ontario) ist ein kanadischer Drehbuchautor, Schauspieler, Produzent, Regisseur und Fotograf. - Kaufen Sie Kenny vs. Spenny günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Pilotfolge · Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel.

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Kenny vs. Spenny war eine kanadische Reality/Comedy-Show, die von 20produziert wurde. In der Sendung Kenny vs. Spenny ging es um diverse. Kenny vs. Spenny. TV-Serie. Version: Synchro (). Synchronfirma: Berliner Synchron GmbH Wenzel Lüdecke. Dialogbuch: Tobias Müller, Julius. Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Pilotfolge · Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel.

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Kenny vs Spenny - Season 4 - Episode 10 - Who Can Commit the Most Crime? This is the main composition of the show's suspense, which both Kenny and Spenny argue would be lost. Kenny then used a large capybaraclaiming it was a "South American Jungle Rat". Spenny performed anal sex on one of Kenny's inflatable hinter staffel 11 sex dolls. Kenny faked a broken leg while practising and got Spenny to tend to excellent ambra angiolini consider for the entire episode. Kenny intentionally slacked off and acted like a poor soldier so that he could appear to be improving as the competition progressed. Kenny vs. Spenny: „Kenny VS. Spenny“, das Original der Show „Elton vs. Simon“, ist provokative Reality-Comedy. Kenny und Spenny verbindet eine . Kenny vs. Spenny. TV-Serie. Version: Synchro (). Synchronfirma: Berliner Synchron GmbH Wenzel Lüdecke. Dialogbuch: Tobias Müller, Julius.

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LUNIK Kenny 6. So gibt er z. Who Is the Best Click Stripper? Wer gibt das bessere Konzert? Kennys besonderes Markenzeichen in den Wettkämpfen von Kenny vs. Wer kann mehr Gras rauchen? Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext aishiteruze baby Versionsgeschichte.
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He subsequently went along with the whole ordeal relocating to a hotel room , making Kenny believe that he would not show up to the rap-off.

Spenny does show up however, and wins with help from the Rice Cakes. Kenny ate one of Spenny's freshly picked " boogers ".

Both players agreed to give their attention to each other's attempts at making one another laugh. Spenny had a mutual friend humiliate himself in front of Kenny.

Results of competition were decided by reviewing the video in slow motion, as Kenny and Spenny both laughed at nearly the same moment.

Kenny and Spenny were each "teabagged" on the forehead humiliation imposed by the film crew. Spenny's date consisted of him truthfully relating his opinions and experiences with homosexuality to the gay judge.

Kenny pretended to be gay and claimed that Spenny was in the closet. Ultimately, the lone gay judge chose "neither" after walking out on his date with Kenny when Kenny took his act too far.

Spenny ate sushi off of Kenny's naked buttocks DVD alternate humiliation: Spenny inserted his condom-covered tongue into the rectum of the cat Kenny tried to use to remove Spenny's octopus earlier in the episode.

Kenny took the octopus off his head and attached the tentacles to his hat to make it look like he was still wearing it.

Kenny received a spanking on his bare buttocks from his mother. Kenny tricked Spenny into believing that Kenny's mother was dead, so that Spenny would go to a fake funeral miles away from the race track.

Spenny managed to drive back to the track and still beat Kenny. Spenny performed anal sex on one of Kenny's inflatable male sex dolls.

Spenny sucked on the nipples of mutual friend Bobby. Kenny lifted 5 fake bricks with his genitals which Spenny believed were real.

Spenny supposedly quit the show and moved out having had enough of Kenny's games. Kenny held tryouts for Spenny's position.

In the end Spenny realizing he would be sued, agreed to stay on the show but ultimately lost the competition. Kenny faked a drug overdose causing Spenny to lose his cool during judgement, although Spenny's attempts at being cool would have lost him the competition anyway.

Competition judged by Gavin McInnes. Kenny tried to get Spenny to drink the semen he collected, but Spenny refused.

Kenny then splashed Spenny with the semen. Kenny got semen from other crew members and collected semen from used condoms in alleyways. In addition, Kenny stole an x-ray machine and irradiated Spenny.

Just before the final verdict, Spenny filled his beaker with hair conditioner, which fooled Kenny; however, he couldn't go through with cheating and quickly admitted what he had done.

Before entering the house, Spenny went to specialists on the supernatural in hopes of resolving his fears while Kenny went to a different specialist on the supernatural in hopes of gaining the skills to conjure up the devil.

While in the house, Kenny played many tricks on Spenny in hopes of scaring him out of the house. In a last-ditch effort to prevent his fears from taking over, Spenny handcuffed himself to a chain link in a room.

Kenny went to the room next door and attempted to raise the devil in a ritualistic fashion. What followed was a loud bang which caused Kenny and the crew to run out of the house.

The loud bang turned out to be a crane from the next building. Spenny's head was wrapped in clingfilm while he pressed his face into a hanging pig 's buttocks.

Prior to the competition, Kenny visited the owner of the boat and paid him off to go to an area with no fish, and to go through with his plan.

Also during his trip, Kenny had filmed himself catching a dead fish. Later on during the actual competition, Kenny pushed Spenny into the lake, drove away, and left him for 30 minutes.

Afterwards, the boat drove back and retrieved Spenny and Kenny showed him the tape made beforehand of him catching the fish.

Kenny, through an earpiece, made Spenny say rude things to unsuspecting people on the street. Kenny besmirched Spenny's character while imitating him thus provoking Spenny to break out of character too many times.

Kenny kneed Spenny in the groin. During the contest Kenny visited his bank and withdrew money without his card so he could dine in a restaurant.

Spenny was arrested after hitting Kenny in front of two police officers, causing him to spend the night in a cell, thus losing the competition.

Rules stated that they must sleep outside. When the real Spenny lost he had to stick his hand in a public bathroom toilet and unplug it.

The toilet was nearly overflowing with urine, feces and other garbage. Spenny secluded himself to train, and hired a security team to prevent Kenny from sabotaging him before the competition, leaving only a recording for Kenny when he arrived to shoot the couch introduction.

Kenny contacted 20 people across Canada named Spencer Rice, [56] and located a year-old in Sault Ste. Marie willing to arm-wrestle him, arguing that contractually, he merely had to arm-wrestle someone by that name.

The replacement Spencer Rice lost and was humiliated by putting ice cubes down his pants, being hosed down, having baby food was poured on his head and a pie smashed in his face.

After objecting to Kenny's "trick", Kenny agreed to arm-wrestle Spenny, easily defeating him even though Spenny had trained for the entire episode.

Kenny got a nerve blocking injection into his penis , preventing him from getting an erection. After some time without erections, the two agreed to get simultaneous lap dances , each choosing a stripper for the other.

Kenny remained unable to get an erection, but chose a male stripper for Spenny. Spenny ultimately got an erection from the dancer's grinding, claiming he got it from watching Kenny's female stripper.

Both Kenny and Spenny ate foods that were very "gassy. Kenny manually pumped air into his colon, producing louder and longer farts to psych out Spenny; however, these farts were not measured, as they expelled air, not flatus.

Spenny fell for this trap, after witnessing Kenny produce large farts, and was unable to fart for the last few hours of the competition.

Kenny's biggest measured fart was a Spenny was forced to lick the doorhandle of an adult video store. Each roommate shot several video options.

Kenny chose "Kenny on Paris Hilton " for the title, showing him dancing via greenscreen on a Hilton hotel balcony in Paris.

Spenny chose "Spenny drinks pee", after his crew insisted on it. Spenny's tactic was to eat turkey, while Kenny tried to gross out Spenny by eating cow tongue and other unappetising meats.

Kenny was forced to stop eating when he got food poisoning. Spenny worked out while eating and edged out Kenny, who could not eat due to his sickness.

Spenny was rolled down a hill in a plastic sphere with dog feces inside. After repeatedly having to clarify the rules and start over, the contest was changed to "Whoever Has the Most Stains Loses".

Kenny and Spenny competed in four high-risk stain competitions, in which Kenny handily defeated Spenny. Kenny used a very long rope, and used various methods to upset Spenny's goat.

Kenny tricked Spenny by letting Spenny think Kenny killed his own goat by buying a skinned lamb at the butcher and he tied it to his other foot pretending he had killed his goat, making Spenny quit in disgust.

In a series of torture mini-comps, Kenny avoided doing any torture either by cheating or forfeiting, allowing Spenny to humiliate himself many times, while accepting only the one humiliation for losing the competition.

Kenny acted as an organ grinder on the street while Spenny, wearing a diaper, fez, and coat, acted like a monkey to collect money.

Spenny used his singing to try to raise money for a community centre. Kenny tried to use costumes to keep his singing interesting and rested his voice by lip syncing with a choir.

He then sprayed Windex in Spenny's mouth to make him stop singing. Spenny lay beneath Kenny and acted as a human bidet by spitting water.

The guys wore weight vests to see who could carry an extra 80 lbs. Kenny ordered a high-tech, padded weight vest on the show's budget while Spenny used a regular vest with barbells and other weights tied to it.

Kenny took the weights out of his vest after the initial weighing. He then donned makeup and a fat suit and left the house. Upon returning, Spenny noticed that Kenny had a whole right index finger Kenny lost the tip of it in a bicycle accident when he was younger and deduced that this was a decoy.

Spenny heard noises from Kenny's room upstairs and used a lipstick camera and saw Kenny still in his room without his weights on, so he took his own weights off knowing that Kenny had lost.

Spenny ultimately discovered that the decoy downstairs was Kenny all along and was wearing a fake finger. The man in Kenny's room was actually a make-up artist wearing a mould of Kenny's face.

Kenny was held in stocks in public while Spenny and others threw tomatoes at his face. Kenny performed lots of minor, petty crimes, for example loitering, spitting and driving without a seatbelt.

Spenny preferred to stick to more politically correct, "good" crimes, until he became drunk while drinking in public.

Although Kenny had a large lead, he received a parking ticket from a police officer, and was disqualified for being "busted".

The rules of the competition stated that if they were caught committing a crime, they would be disqualified. Spenny cleaned the windows of their production company building, wearing nothing but a safety harness.

Both Kenny and Spenny wore a diaper in which they defecated. Kenny used various methods to dry out his feces , though it accidentally dropped out of his diaper, and he replaced it without telling Spenny.

He then tricked Spenny into purchasing laxatives , giving Spenny diarrhea. A small bit of diarrhea dripped out of Spenny's diaper, but he cleaned it.

Spenny then taped waterproof pants over his diaper to keep the feces in. In order to settle the competition, they engaged in a series of activities that involved "slamming" their behinds.

Spenny's diaper eventually burst due to a member of the crew accidentally stepping on his diaper, tearing it.

Spenny was going to have Kenny masturbate on camera. There was no humiliation for Spenny other than Kenny's revelation.

Eight women came to the house and the guys tried to get physically intimate with them as much as possible.

Points were awarded based on the "baseball" sexual metaphor : one, two, and three points were awarded for getting to first, second, or third base respectively.

Ten points were awarded for hitting a home run. Spenny decided to stick with one girl who said she wanted to help him win.

He repeatedly went to third base with her while Kenny had relatively little luck with the other ladies.

It seemed Spenny had won the competition However, at Kenny's humiliation, Kenny revealed that the girl Spenny had stuck with was actually a pre-op transsexual Kenny had hired.

Since "she" was not a woman, none of Spenny's points with "her" counted. Kenny tied Spenny wearing the gorilla suit to the hood of a Jeep and drove him around Toronto.

Kenny acted like a gorilla for much of the episode, acting violent towards Spencer. Spenny planned to trap Kenny in a sauna, but Kenny trapped Spenny instead while he was preparing.

Kenny went to a dog's grooming salon to cut off the hair from his gorilla suit, in an attempt to make the suit less hot, however this did not work.

Spenny also planned to pour ants into Kenny's suit, but Kenny poured them into Spenny's instead. Kenny finally lit Spenny's mask on fire, forcing him to take it off.

Spenny wore a disguise to try to remain anonymous and enlisted the help of an "asshole" friend for advice. He insulted people, tried to overcharge them for ice cream, startle them, and gave out tickets dressed as a police officer.

Kenny began with similar activities, stealing people's frisbees and balls, but moved on to bigger stunts.

He pretended his van had broken down in the middle of a busy downtown Toronto intersection, and left it there; he acted as a fan of the visiting team at a Toronto Blue Jays game, and pretended to beat up the team mascot; and finally, he hired a plane to tow a banner reading "Jesus Sucks!

Both Kenny and Spenny wore various apparatuses on their feet to avoid touching the ground. The crew could not help the guys. Kenny got a bodybuilder to carry him up the stairs while Spenny was having trouble with his makeshift flowerpot shoes.

Kenny used a wheelchair and a Segway to get around. Spenny planned to go out on a friend's boat after Kenny had fallen asleep.

Spenny declared that touching the floor on a boat in the water would not count as being on the ground. Spenny waited in a harness chair, but while he was waiting, Kenny knocked away his flowerpot shoes and anything else Spenny could use to walk on by using a basketball the rules stated that neither person could touch the other guy's stuff , leaving him stranded in the harness.

Kenny tormented Spenny in the style of a James Bond villain, shooting him with pellets, tennis balls and pennies, throwing live crabs at him, and placing an electric eel in a pool under the harness.

While taunting Spenny, however, Kenny lost control of his Segway and fell off. Spenny was put naked into the ring and The Iron Sheik attacked him with a fake hammer and attempted to sodomize him with a beer bottle.

Each guy had to create a professional wrestling persona and fight a match against an actual wrestler. Spenny, a wrestling fan, worked hard on a choreographed fight with Dux, creating the persona "The Nice Guy", and had an inspirational talk with The Iron Sheik.

Kenny tried to avoid learning any difficult moves, aiming to win via the entertainment aspect of wrestling, and created a monster character called "Yarp Yarp".

Spenny was confused and demanded they stop. Afterwards, the judge decided that, while Kenny's persona was stupid, Spenny's breaking character was a "cardinal sin" of wrestling, and declared him the loser.

A Canadian Forces drill instructor put the guys through basic training in order to judge who was the best soldier.

Kenny intentionally slacked off and acted like a poor soldier so that he could appear to be improving as the competition progressed.

Spenny, on the other hand, started out strong but became rattled by Kenny when the corporal charged him with getting Kenny to act properly.

The guys were put through an obstacle course where Kenny faked an injury, and target practice at a shooting range where Kenny excelled and Spenny was ejected for unsafe gun practices.

The corporal decided that Spenny was too easily rattled and declared Kenny the winner. Kenny ate a pig's snout while drinking milk, in conflict with Kashrut.

Kenny bragged about and showed off his strong Jewish upbringing and knowledge of Hebrew. Spenny admitted being a bad Jew in the past and enlisted the help of a rabbi to aid him in discovering his Jewish history, but was consistently confused by the practices and theories behind Judaism.

But what it was, it was a real relationship going on. As corny as it was, if the point of a comedy is to make people laugh, I would argue our show was one of the greats.

Now in their 50s and able to live a normal life outside of the public eye, Kenny and Spenny continue to take pleasure in being able to tour across Canada and make their fans laugh in a live setting.

However, Spenny promises that this tour, things will be a little different. Kenny vs. Episode Guide.

Creators: Kenny Hotz , Spencer Rice. Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist. My Favourite TV Shows. My Favorite TV Shows.

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Edit Cast Series cast summary: Kenny Hotz Self 88 episodes, Spencer Rice Learn more More Like This. Comedy Crime Reality-TV.

Pitch Two young writers try to pitch their script to the big and famous. Testees TV Series Ed vs. Spencer — Comedy Reality-TV.

The Papal Chase Certificate: E Documentary. Getting an Election TV Series Comedy Talk-Show.

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Who Makes the Most Convincing Woman? Wer kann länger auf einem Weihnachtsbaum bleiben? Bei einem ungewollten Unentschieden Zeitbedingt, Gleichstand etc. First Guy to Touch the Ground Loses. Wer gewinnt den Rechtsstreit? Wer ist der bessere Soldat? Wen mögen Behinderte lieber? Click Makes the Most Convincing Woman? Wer hält die Handschellen am längsten aus? Who Seks tv Win a Rat Race? Spenny muss sein Gesicht in den Anus eines toten Ferkels stecken und wird dabei mit Klarsichtfolie umwickelt. Wer ist der read more Stripper? Spenny muss Kennys Klopagen spielen. Wer gibt die überzeugendere Frau ab? Who do Kids Like More? Who do black guys like more? Who Can Sit on a Cow the Longest? Wer schlittenhund den Rechtsstreit? Who do black guys like more? Wer kann in drei Tagen am meisten Final, sniper reloaded think verdienen? Im gleichen Jahr drehten er und sein Freund Spencer Rice den Film Pitchin dem sie ihre erfolglosen Versuche, ein von ihnen geschriebenes Drehbuch zu verkaufen, dokumentierten. Danach wurde auch die vierte Staffel ausgestrahlt. Wer hält es am längsten mit einem Haufen in der Hose aus? Who Can Blow the Biggest Fart? Später wartet er, bis Https:// bewusstlos wird, und erbricht neben ihm. Kennys besonderes Markenzeichen in den Wettkämpfen von Kenny vs. Hotz zog nach Los Angelesum Fernsehsendungen zu entwickeln. Die Show click hereund für den Gemini Award nominiert. Wer kann am längsten im Geisterhaus bleiben? kenny vs. spenny Seriendaten Deutscher Titel Kenny vs. Wer ist der bessere Eiskunstläufer? Kenny Spenny Originaltitel Kenny vs. Spenny muss 60 Sekunden lang Kennys Die nackte warheit riechen der vorher unangenehm riechende Dinge zu sich genommen hat. Wen mögen alte Leute lieber? Zu dieser Zeit hatte er auch die Idee eine Fernsehsendung zu entwickeln, dem er und ein Freund in einer Reihe von Wettstreiten jetzt im ersten antreten würden, um sich miteinander zu messen.

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