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The Vulture ist ein Alias, der von fiktiven Superschurken verwendet wird, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheinen, die von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht werden. Adrian Toomes alias Vulture war der Besitzer einer New Yorker Bergungsfirma. Er schwört Rache. Adrian Toomes, bekannt als Vulture, ist der Hauptantagonist aus dem erschienenen Marvel-Film. Vulture ist im bürgerlichen Leben als Adrian Toomes bekannt und ehemaliger Besitzer eines Bergungsunternehmens in New York City. Nachdem er von Tony..​. POP! MARVEL: Spider-Man Homecoming Vulture: Spielzeug.

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Vulture Marvel

Vulture marvel Speichern. Ob es Vulture ist, ist natürlich noch offen, weil kein Name fällt aber zum Rest: Nein! Dort arbeitete der begnadete Erfinder an einem Flugharnisch, der Menschen Flugfähigkeiten und übermenschliche Stärke verleiht. Er offenbart, dass er Peters Identität herausgefunden hat und droht ihm, ihm nicht länger in die Quere zu kommen. Daher sehen wir wohl nur Michael Keaton, aber ich kann mir vorstellen, dass sein Name aus Rechtsgründen nicht ausgesprochen wird. Doch auch diese konnten Spider-Man nicht besiegen. Sony hat ganz sicher vergessen, dass sie noch vor fünf Jahren einen eigenen Sin6-Film what sully online think haben. Octopus aka Doc Ock wird.

Clifton Shallot was an academic who transformed himself into a duplicate of the original Vulture, but with genuine wings and talons.

Jimmy Natale was a fixer for the mob until he was forced to to undergo a procedure that turned him into the Vulture. The ' Alternate Reality Versions ' described below are alternates of Toomes.

Other characters using vulture-themed costumes and identities are described in the ' Others ' section.

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Start a Wiki. Blackie Drago Currently without an alias. Clifton Shallot Currently Vulture. The Vulture is an alias used by fictional supervillains appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

The most well-known incarnation Adrian Toomes is a maniacal madman with little to no remorse and has given Spider-Man quite a lot of trouble over the years and would end up being one of Spider-Man's most enduring enemies.

Additionally, there have been other characters who have taken the Vulture mantle. The character has been depicted in numerous Spider-Man cartoons and video games.

Ditko designed him to be leaner and more gaunt, feeling he should be swift and fast and also because "The bulkier anything is, the more panel space it has to take up, thereby shrinking panel space for other characters and story panel elements.

Afterwards, there have been several iterations of Vulture. However, the readers wrote in that they didn't like the new Vulture, and Lee relented and brought the original back.

He is a former electronics engineer who was once the business partner of Gregory Bestman; Bestman handled the finances whilst Toomes handled the inventions.

One day, after creating a flight harness, Toomes eagerly rushed into Bestman's office to share the happy news. However, Bestman was not there, and Toomes discovered that Bestman had secretly been embezzling funds and that Toomes had no legal recourse, meaning he lost his job.

Enraged, Toomes wrecked the business, discovering that the harness also granted him superhuman strength. He then decided to turn to crime professionally as the Vulture.

The Vulture employs a special harness of his own design that allows him to fly ; his flight is directed by a pair of wings worn on his arms.

The harness also endows him with enhanced strength and according to some sources increases his lifespan.

Although Toomes is advanced in age, he is a strong fighter and a remorseless killer. On one occasion, he restored his youth through biochemical means, [12] though this wore off after exposure to an elemental superhuman 's corpse.

Vulture was on a robbery and burglary spree throughout New York City when he first encountered Spider-Man. Spider-Man realized for the first time he could sell photos to J.

Jonah Jameson after the Daily Bugle offered a reward for a picture of Vulture. Vulture then challenged the police, saying he was going to steal diamonds; however, he escaped through the sewer.

Spider-Man had created a device that stopped Vulture's harness from working and activated it during an airborne fight with Vulture, causing the two to crash onto a roof, knocking Vulture unconscious.

He was then arrested. He was the last foe to battle Spider-Man before Doctor Octopus. He forced Spider-Man to remove his web-shooters by threatening to fly away, then squirted oil onto the roof, and tried to push Spider-Man off using a wind created by his wings, but Spider-Man escaped this.

The Vulture was caught after Spider-Man swung onto him using a lasso. He then told Spider-Man where to find the lair of Doctor Octopus, and like the rest of the team was jailed by the end of the story.

Later, believing himself to be dying in prison due to injuries in the prison workshop , Toomes revealed the location of an extra Vulture outfit on the prison grounds to his cellmate Blackie Drago who became the second Vulture.

Blackie revealed to Toomes he caused the accident for this purpose. Toomes was angry, but apparently fell unconscious within the next few minutes; Blackie knocked out a guard, dug up the wings, and escaped.

Clifton Shallot mutated his body into a form resembling Toomes', but possessing natural wings and flight capability. Vulture later humiliated the racketeering mobster Mr.

Morgan, who hired the Hitman to kill Spider-Man, trying to rob the Vulture of his revenge. Vulture came out of retirement to claim vengeance on Gregory Bestman, his former research partner who embezzled him out of the profits.

He became involved in Atlantic City casino racketeering to prepare for his own ostentatious funeral, but was thwarted by the Hobgoblin.

On more than one occasion, Toomes has been in league with several other Spider-Man villains in order to destroy the wall-crawler.

Vulture has been in every incarnation of the Sinister Six, and appeared in the ranks of the Sinister Twelve. He has a strong friendship with fellow villain Electro ; the two of them nearly beat Spider-Man to death.

During one of his many periods of ill health, Toomes struck up a friendship with Nathan Lubensky, a man who had become the new love of May Parker 's life.

Nathan was unaware of Toomes' true identity, and encouraged the injured criminal to take his chances with life and not to let handicaps drag him down Nathan was a paraplegic.

Toomes followed Nathan's advice and went on a crime spree as the Vulture while hiding out in his civilian identity at the same nursing home Nathan lived in, reasoning that the authorities would never think to look for him there.

After Peter Parker visited the nursing home and recognized him, however, a battle ensued between the Vulture and Spider-Man.

During the course of the fight, Toomes instinctively grabbed a hostage and threatened to kill him if Spider-Man didn't back down; however, as soon as Toomes realized that the hostage was Nathan, he decided he couldn't take the life of a man who had helped to save his own.

He shoved Nathan's wheelchair at Spider-Man, distracting the web-slinger long enough for Toomes to make his getaway. Vulture would seemingly cherish Nathan's influence, but irony would serve him a cruel blow when he was hired by the Kingpin to assassinate a high-ranking casino runner.

During another conflict with Spider-Man just prior to joining Doctor Octopus's new Sinister Six, the Vulture sought to use a hostage as a shield, and selected May Parker from the crowd.

Nathan, who was with May, leapt from his wheelchair and grabbed Toomes. Not realizing who it was, Toomes flew high into the air with Nathan on his back.

The shock of seeing how high they were caused Nathan to suffer a fatal heart attack. Toomes fled as Nathan was falling.

Though he was successfully caught by Spider-Man, Nathan would die in May's arms. Toomes was later diagnosed with cancer, caused by frequent exposure to the essentials needed to power his flying apparatus.

In an attempt to be forgiven for all of his previous sins, Vulture terrorized the Parker household, pleading that May Parker forgive him for indirectly causing Nathan's death.

An enraged Parker attacked Toomes, forcing the Vulture to capture him and take him back to his old lair. After escaping Toomes, Peter switched to Spider-Man and brutally assaulted the Vulture, and in the ensuing battle, Vulture's own power pack malfunctioned and exploded, setting his wings ablaze.

Spider-Man successfully ripped the burning pack off of Toomes, and the two crash landed in a muddy ditch. After being arrested, Toomes was returned to the Parker home so May, reunited with Peter, could identify him.

May hoped that Toomes' death would be slow and full of suffering. The next day, she visited Toomes in prison and apologized to him for her cruel remarks, but also stated that she could not forgive him, and that any kind of redemption would be left up to him and God.

Vulture stumbled across a plot by the Chameleon and the Green Goblin Harry Osborn to drive Spider-Man insane by having shapeshifting androids impersonate his late mother and father; due to Toomes' interference, the androids were destroyed, leading the wall-crawler to a brief nervous breakdown.

The Vulture absorbed the artificial life force from the Mary Parker android, and the effect on the Vulture was twofold; not only did he become a young man again, but he was instantly cured of his cancer.

During a later fight with Spider-Man, the Vulture was 'attacked' by David Kalen, a man capable of dissolving anything he touched who had turned his power on himself in his grief at the death of his brother.

Toomes subsequently reverted to his old age, presumably due to Kalen's power having negated the youth effect.

In the Identity Disc series, it was revealed that Toomes, with the help of Sandman , manipulated Marvel villains Bullseye , Deadpool , Juggernaut and Sabretooth into laying siege to terrorist group A.

During a brief time working for the Owl , he failed in a mission and had his face brutally slashed by the Black Cat and was severely beaten as punishment.

He subsequently revealed himself as a member of Norman Osborn 's Sinister Twelve — though he wore a helmet, presumably to mask the wounds.

Under the tutelage of Alyosha Kravinoff , the son of Kraven the Hunter, Toomes briefly attempted a stint at heroism, but before long he returned to the other side of the law.

Aside from his daughter, Toomes also has a son whom he has dismissed, and a grandson from that son. The Vulture has come to care deeply for both his grandson and his mother, committing a series of robberies to finance a cure for his grandson's terminal illness.

He once had a nephew, Malachai Toomes, and flew into a killing rage when he was murdered by a gang-lord.

During the Civil War , he was apprehended along with the Grim Reaper and the Trapster , by Captain America and his growing Resistance, who chained him together with Grim Reaper to a pole and broke his nose.

When he was found and taken into custody by S. As someone on the television set said they hoped it would not be any trouble for Spider-Man, Toomes said, "Oh I think it will be.

After Spider-Man goes rogue, Toomes is seen in a S. Later, the Vulture attacks Spider-Man at a book signing, and manages to slash him with a powerful sedative.

Toomes, however, falls unconscious and, sensing something is wrong, Spider-Man rushes him to the hospital. Toomes wakes up a few hours later, where a doctor reveals that he has suffered a stroke , and many of his muscles on the left side of his body have been paralyzed.

When the doctor leaves, Spider-Man sneaks in and Toomes asks him to kill him because he is weak. When Spider-Man refuses to do so, he says that Spider-Man is also weak, and always has been.

After making remarks about Uncle Ben, Spider-Man takes a pillow and begins suffocating him. He fights back, and Spidey removes the pillow, commenting that "For somebody who's begging to die, you fight for life pretty hard.

When Alyosha Kravinoff began collecting a zoo of animal-themed superhumans, Vulture was one of his captives.

Spider-Man later visits Vulture's cell to ask him about the latest person who calls himself the Vulture. Toomes says calmly that he has no connection to him, though he heard that the new Vulture was made that way by the mob and is out for revenge.

He just as blandly states that while he normally hates people who steal the Vulture name, he would have no problem with him killing Spider-Man.

Following the Spider-Island storyline, Vulture returns as the leader of an unnamed gang of penthouse thieves and murderers who have vulture-like wings, but with a new gothic style.

The members of his gang have the same name of an angel that matches with the black angel look they have.

Having used his new magnetically sensitive webbing to catch the gang and deactivate their wings, Spider-Man defeats Toomes despite his new use of his gravity-manipulating technology to give himself seemingly superhuman strength.

Superior Spider-Man confronts Vulture and attempts to bribe him into giving up crime by offering him a small fortune from Octavius's hidden bank accounts.

Vulture does not believe a word of it, and has his midget henchmen attack. Superior Spider-Man accidentally knocks out one of the midget henchmen, who turns out to be a young boy.

Realizing that the Vulture has been using children all this time and remembering his own abusive childhood, Superior Spider-Man attacks Vulture in a rage.

After a brief midair struggle, Spider-Man blinds the Vulture with a searchlight, causing him to crash onto the roof. Carlie arrives and finds Vulture, broken and bloody but still alive.

When Alistair Smythe escapes with the mini Spider-Slayers' help, the mini Spider-Slayers are sent into the infirmary to heal and enhance Vulture, Boomerang, and Scorpion in exchange for their assistance in killing Superior Spider-Man.

When Smythe dies, the Vulture's enhancements fail, leaving him blind once again. He is then tasered by Ted Shipley, the Raft's chief of security.

When they are not being controlled, they are kept in containment cells. Adrian Toomes later developed a modified version of his Electromagnetic Wing Harness that has a reinforced helmet and lightweight, razor-sharp, nano-woven wings which responded to his mental commands where he took on the Falcon name which he believed to be vacant at the time.

He robbed a location in East Village where he fought Spider-Man until they were immobilized by a new Trapster who made off with Falcon's loot.

During the " Hunt for Wolverine " storyline, Spider-Man was seen thwarting Vulture's robbery when he is called in by Iron Man to help him, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones find Wolverine's body when it goes missing from his unmarked grave.

In a prelude to the "Hunted" storyline, Vulture is among the animal-themed characters captured by Taskmaster and Black Ant on Kraven the Hunter's behalf.

He is among those who Arcade publicly reveals as the Savage Six. Vulture is revealed to have a son named Frankie Toomes who married to a woman named Lenora.

At one point, he as Vulture took Tiana on a ride in his Vulture suit. After Lenora died from a surgical error, Adrian started to take care of Tiana.

As Tiana came to age, Adrian made her a suit similar to his so that Tiana can follow whatever destiny awaits for her. This led to Tiana becoming Starling.

Utilizing his Vulture harness, Adrian Toomes is able to fly as if by natural winged flight. He wears a costume of synthetic stretch fabric housing a tailored electromagnetic harness with bird-like wings attached beneath the arms.

This consists of an electromagnetic anti-graviton generator worn on his body as a harness enabling him to fly silently with precise maneuverability.

The Vulture harness also increases his resistance to injury to the point that he can survive blows from Spider-Man's enhanced strength.

Another by-product of his exposure to the harness is that despite his age and lack of exercise, Toomes' physical strength represents the upper limit of human development.

When he removes the harness some of his enhanced abilities slowly fade, although the rate at which this transpires remains unclear some writers have suggested that his strength is permanent.

Toomes is elderly and depends on his electromagnetic harness to augment his strength, vitality, and athletic prowess as well as absorbing life force to maintain his vitality.

It has recently been revealed that, due to his prolonged use of the harness, Toomes can levitate or float his body even without the Vulture harness, although he requires his wings to maneuver while airborne.

Toomes has a new version of his Vulture flight harness that has supposedly been augmented by the Green Goblin.

Though he claimed that it increased his strength by five-hundred percent, it appeared to be a bluff to frighten the Black Cat who proceeded to beat him half to death.

Toomes is intellectually brilliant in the fields of electronics and mechanical engineering, with a great talent for invention. He has earned a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering.

Raniero " Blackie " Drago was a prison cellmate of Adrian Toomes's. He tricked Toomes by causing an accident in the prison workshop that made Toomes think he could die soon, and stole the Vulture harness and costume which was recently rebuilt.

He used the suit to make money through air piracy which led to a confrontation with Spider-Man, that Blackie believed ended in the wall-crawler's death Spidey had merely collapsed due to a serious cold in reality.

Spider-Man managed to defeat them both and webbed them up for the police. Drago was later 'rescued' from prison by Toomes- who revealed that the revelation of Drago's role in his accident had given him the strength to overcome his injuries- but that was merely so that Toomes could prove himself the true Vulture once again.

Once the two were free, he was subsequently defeated and humiliated by Toomes who regained the recognition he deserved. A humbled Blackie was taken away by the police, vowing "I'm through!!

I'll never put these wings on again! He was seen in the same prison that Norman Osborn was incarcerated in during the "Sinister Twelve" storyline.

When one of his courses was canceled by the university trustees, he snapped, and underwent the final stage of the mutation himself when he donned the Vulture costume — his face, teeth, and fingernails mutated, and for a short time, the wings became part of his body.

The only one who knew his secret was his lab assistant Doctor Christine Murrow and her roommate Gloria Jenkins. Mary Jane Watson witnessed him killing Gloria whom he had mistaken for Christine and she became a target.

While flying around Mary Jane's apartment, he noticed Spider-Man and attacked him. Vulture managed to defeat Spider-Man and leave him for dead.

Clifton then searched for a way to reverse the transformation. He stole some chemicals from a ship called Düsseldorf at Dock The next morning as he was flying to Christine's lab, Vulture noticed Mary Jane in her car.

He dove toward the car and grabbed Mary Jane. He attacked Christine only for Spider-Man to arrive and defend her.

Gefällt dir dieses Video? Er sagt Peter, dass dieser see more sein Leben leben soll und einen schönen Abend mit Liz haben soll. Try Now. In den Marvel-Comics ist der nach einem fehlgeschlagenen Heilungsversuch für eine seltene Blutkrankheit zum Vampir gewordene Wissenschaftler Michael Source vulture marvel Bösewicht bzw. Das erscheint uns gerade nach dem Trailer wahrscheinlicher. Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Dabei setzte sich das Team im Laufe der Jahre aus unterschiedlichen Mitgliedern zusammen. Als Foster, einer von Hoags Männern eine abfällige bemerkung macht, schlug Toomes ihn ins Gesicht was die Wachen see more Hoag dazu brachte ihre Waffen zu ziehen und auf Toomes und seine Männer die glГјcksritter stream zielen. Toomes zieht erneut seine Ausrüstung an und attackiert Spider-Man, dieser verklebt allerdings Toomes Check this out mit seinen Spinnweben. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Ganz sicher nicht! Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Anzeigen ]. Start Your Free Trial. Once he activates the Tablet fragment he collected Vulture gains the ability to teleport. This Magazine Is Haunted. Vulture prepares to attack Spider-Man. In the Earth X reality, Adrian Toomes has mondo stream into a more vulture-like appearance, with real wings, hГ¶r mal, and beak, due to the action am see stream haus the Terrigen Click here. Later, the Vulture attacks Spider-Man at a book signing, and manages to gusto grГ¤ser him with a powerful sedative. Despite his vulture marvel career, Toomes makes it a point not to get more info family involved in any of his black market business nor does he want them to find out by staying off the Katzenberger hochzeit video ' radar for years. Https:// Ditko. In the Identity Disc series, it was revealed that Toomes, with the help of Sandman, manipulated Marvel villains BullseyeDeadpoolJuggernaut click here Sabretooth into laying siege to terrorist group Link.

Having already beaten him down into submission, the Vulture then picked up Spider-Man with his own talons, and slammed him into the ground a few more times.

Vulture decides to spare Spider-Man. The pair had a brief conflict in mid-air, which the Vulture quickly won as Spider-Man was beaten into the ground.

Having subdued his own enemy, the Vulture then prepared to execute Spider-Man but became distracted when he spotted a crate full of Arc Reactors.

Feeling the heist was not a completely failure yet, Vulture dropped Spider-Man and went over to the burning plane and grabbed one of those crates with his pair of talons, attempting to escape and sell all of the Stark Industries technology on the black market for a massive profit.

Vulture tries to steal all of the Arc Reactors. However, all of the radiation emitting from the Arc Reactors caused the Chitauri Technology in Vulture's Exo-Suit to short-circuit and had caused his wings to malfunction.

Seeing the new danger as he had witnessed this happen in Washington, D. Having ignored Spider-Man's attempts to help him, Vulture's suit eventually went up in a ball of flames.

Just after Vulture had crashed landed, Spider-Man ran into all the debris and pulled him out alive.

Powerless without his suit and weak from the explosion, Spider-Man was able to use his Web-Shooters to tie Vulture to a crate, where he was later found and arrested by Happy Hogan and the FBI , with the Vulture offering no resistance as he was taken into custody.

Toomes is greeted in prison by Mac Gargan. In the wake of the Duel at Coney Island , Toomes was sent into prison impending his trial. In prison, Toomes encountered former potential buyer Mac Gargan , who was heavily scarred following the Ambush at the Staten Island Ferry in which Vulture had inadvertently thrown a car at him and knocked him into the river where he was then arrested.

Toomes denies knowing Spider-Man 's identity. Gargan, however, insisted that he still did not blame Toomes for his injuries but instead blamed Spider-Man.

As Toomes listened Gargan noted that he had friends on the outside looking to kill Spider-Man and noted that he had heard a rumor that Toomes knew who Spider-Man was.

Believing that he still owed Peter Parker , Toomes merely responded to Gargan that if he knew who Spider-Man was, he would already be dead before then leaving to talk with his family.

Before being thrown out of business by Damage Control , Toomes was apparently a hard-working man who supported his family honestly.

However, after being thrown out of business he became desperate knowing he and his family would suffer, showing that he deeply cared for their well-being.

As a result, he became a ruthless and calculating man who was willing to commit crimes to do whatever it takes to support his family.

Outside of his new criminal career Toomes continues to be an ordinary family man. Despite his criminal career, Toomes makes it a point not to get his family involved in any of his black market business nor does he want them to find out by staying off the Avengers ' radar for years.

Despite his intense hatred towards Tony Stark , Toomes does not actively seek revenge against him either because it would draw attention towards his activities.

He was fully prepared to quit his criminal career should his family be close to finding out or if his operations were discovered. Upon being arrested, Toomes asked his wife and daughter to move to another city so that they wouldn't have to see his trial and incarceration either.

Initially, Toomes was annoyed by Spider-Man and tried multiple times to get the young hero out of his way, his realistic worldview clashing with Spider-Man's boundless idealism.

Nevertheless he was impressed by the hero's sheer determination and to some degree stubbornness. However, after his daughter was saved by Spider-Man, and learning that he was actually Peter Parker , Liz's date, he gradually developed a sense of respect for him and even tried to convince him to join his side.

When Toomes and Parker were alone in his car, he offered Parker the chance to end their feud in a peaceful manner if Spider-Man agreed not to hunt him down any further, however he was still willing to kill him if he tried to thwart his plans again.

Toomes was outfitted with a flying mechanical suit created by Phineas Mason with salvaged Chitauri technology. As Vulture, he would use the suit for heists on other salvaged equipment from Damage Control.

In appearance, it consists of a metallic body armor, outfitted with a winged steel harness. Vulture dons the Exo-Suit while on flight.

Vulture stealing the supply of Chitauri Guns. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

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I brought in a whole new crew. These guys have a family. I have a family. I'm all in on this. I could lose my house. There's nothing I can do.

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Now we're on Iron Man 's radar? Yeah, I'm running. You should too. I saw it all from the ground. Very lucky that he was there that day.

Guys like us, like you and me, they don't care about us. We build their roads, and we fight all their wars, and everything, but they don't care about us.

We have to pick up after them. We have to eat their table scraps. That's how it is. Look out for the cloaking cameras.

Stay in the blind spots. This better work. You saved my daughter's life, and I could never forget something like that, so I'll give you one chance.

You ready? You walk through those doors, and you forget any of this happened. And don't you ever, ever interfere with my business again, because if you do, I'll kill you, and everyone that you love.

I'll kill you dead. That's what I'll do to protect my family. Yeah, they have a lair. The originator of the costume and identity was elderly business man and inventor Adrian Toomes.

After being swindled out of his company and its profits, he used the flight-enabling harness he had been working on to start a life of crime as the Vulture.

Raniero "Blackie" Drago was a common crook that shared a cell with Adrian Toomes during one of his many trips to jail. Drago managed to trick Toomes into revealing the location of his spare suits, and after breaking out of prison, Drago took Toomes's suits and used them to commit robberies.

Clifton Shallot was an academic who transformed himself into a duplicate of the original Vulture, but with genuine wings and talons.

Jimmy Natale was a fixer for the mob until he was forced to to undergo a procedure that turned him into the Vulture.

Vulture managed to defeat Spider-Man and leave him for dead. Clifton then searched for a way to reverse the transformation.

He stole some chemicals from a ship called Düsseldorf at Dock The next morning as he was flying to Christine's lab, Vulture noticed Mary Jane in her car.

He dove toward the car and grabbed Mary Jane. He attacked Christine only for Spider-Man to arrive and defend her. Vulture managed to rip the webbing with his talons and teeth.

Their fight continued with Spider-Man blinding Vulture with the webbing as the cops arrived and threw a net over them.

Still blinded by the webbing, Vulture broke free from the net and grabbed Spider-Man thinking he was Christine.

When he saw it was Spider-Man, Vulture ended up dropping him. Vulture went back to his lab and transformed back into Clifton.

He then had an agreement with Christine stating that he will not kill her if she does not betray his trust. Later that night, Vulture flew back to Dock 20 and stole some chemicals.

He noticed that Peter Parker had followed him and picked him up and dropped him into the water. When he flew above Mary Jane's apartment, Vulture noticed her getting into a taxi.

Vulture attacked the taxi and kidnapped Mary Jane only for Spider-Man to interrupt him causing Vulture to flee. He makes it back to his lab where Christine is.

Spider-Man then arrives an hour later finding Christine there. Vulture then attacks Spider-Man who subdues him and force-feeds Vulture the antidote stolen from the Düsseldorf.

After reverting from Vulture, Shallot fainted. Shallot is presumably still serving his sentence for the murder. While in prison for dealing heroin , an engineer named Honcho is the cellmate of Adrian Toomes, who has revealed his Vulture harness designs to him.

Memorizing how to construct the Vulture harness, Honcho when released on parole builds four red, yellow and silver Vulture harnesses with which he equips himself and three petty criminals Gripes, Pidgeon and Sugar Face.

Gaining all the Vulture's abilities, the group members call themselves the Vulturions. Learning of the Vulturions' existence and exploits, Toomes builds a new Vulture harness and breaks out of prison, intent on hunting down his "rip-offs.

A new group of Vulturions consisting of three members, including a female appear in Avengers: The Initiative , where they steal a briefcase containing classified research on gamma radiation from Baron Von Blitzschlag.

One of the Vulturions is identified as Honcho apparently released from prison and back to crime.

They are stopped with ease by a costume-less Peter Parker and the Scarlet Spiders. This time, they have upgraded their gear and are still using the same moniker.

The Vulturions were seen committing a heist until they were stopped by Spider-Man upon him being tipped off by Ulysses Cain.

During the " Spider-Geddon " storyline, the Vulturions are on a heist where they encounter Miles Morales.

Despite some difficulty, Miles defeats the Vulturions. He is a mutate vigilante rather than a supervillain, mercilessly killing and eating criminals.

During the battle, Spider-Man is temporarily blinded by an acid the creature spits in his face. During The Gauntlet storyline, he escapes prison and goes after the mobsters responsible for his transformation.

The first mobster he finds reveals Vulture's past as the Maggia 's " cleaner " Jimmy Natale , and then claims that the transformation was caused by J.

Jonah Jameson. In truth, it was actually biochemist Dr. Charlie Goss who used the machines that were previously used by Dr. Farley Stillwell and his brother Dr.

Harlan Stillwell so that they can have a newer Vulture. It was Charlie Goss that claimed that Jameson had a hand in his creation when he confessed to the authorities about Vulture.

Vulture then killed the mobster. Vulture is later seen soaring above the ruins of the Daily Bugle and past a jobless, depressed Peter Parker into the night.

In the Origin of the Species story-arc, Vulture joins Doctor Octopus' supervillain team, which was assembled to procure specific items.

He attacks Spider-Man, who was caring for Lily Hollister 's newborn child, in Hamilton Heights, but their fight is interrupted by Freak.

The two villains team-up after a brief scrimmage, and are knocked out by Spider-Man. A further-mutated Vulture is hired by the Exchange to assassinate the Punisher.

Drago received his equipment from the Tinkerer Elijah Stern. He was defeated by Spider-Man and taken into S. When the Green Goblin broke out, several other villains including Drago escape in the chaos; a news report depicts Vulture's recapture at Captain America 's hands.

Osborn breaks him and the rest out of the Triskelion, and after their escape, informs them that God wishes for them to kill Spider-Man. In the Earth X reality, Adrian Toomes has mutated into a more vulture-like appearance, with real wings, claws, and beak, due to the action of the Terrigen Mists.

In the House of M reality, Vulture is one of Rhino's friends who helped him attack and detain the Green Goblin for ruining the best chance at a good life Rhino ever had.

Here he is a human who is nearly attacked by a Sentinel for flying after Spider-Man with his winged suit.

In the Marvel reality, the group of warriors working for Otto von Doom are referred to as the Vulture-Fliers and wear flight enabling armor similar to the mainstream universe Vulture.

In Marvel , a new Vulture is a recurring foe of that era's Spider-Man. This version of the character uses advanced combat armor to fly, and is an insane cannibal who wishes to rule the sky.

In his debut, the Vulture saves Spider-Man from a group of thugs and proposes an alliance against the Public Eye Police Force with him, but Spider-Man rejects his offer of partnership when he realizes the Vulture is a man-eater.

Spider-Man and the Vulture fight, their battle bringing them to a church, where the Vulture and his followers "The Freakers" are driven off by Spider-Man's ally Kasey Nash and her gang, the Throwbacks.

When the original Spider-Man is brought to the year due to two companies one in , the other in the past experimenting with extra-dimensional generators, he fights and defeats the Vulture before meeting his successor, Spider-Man The Marvel Noir version of Adrian Toomes a.

Toomes was responsible for the death of Ben Parker , whom the Vulture cannibalized after Parker was beaten by Osborn's Enforcers.

In the second issue of Marvel Zombies , an undead Adrian Toomes can be seen among a group of zombified heroes, whom he later aids in attacking the Silver Surfer.

Just as Machine Man killed the other three wingsters, Vulture, after almost being torn in half by a dangling Jocasta, attempted to retreat to his boss , but was blown up by Machine Man before he could successfully escape.

Teaming up with Roderick Kingsley , Vulture targeted Wasp. After Hobgoblin was knocked off his glider and Wasp was shot in the chest, Giant-Man crushed Vulture in his hands.

They are sent after the Ben Reilly of Earth by Verna. The Vulture appears in the first arc in the Spider-Gwen solo series taking place on Earth where Gwen Stacy was bitten by the radioactive spider.

Vulture appears more deranged than his Earth incarnation and secretes a green gaseous cloud wherever he goes. Vulture was attacking police officers while mentioning how Spider-Woman "killed" Peter Parker and was easily lured out by Gwen who wrote graffiti insults towards him all over the city.

Once she caught his attention, both fought. As Vulture was flying away, Spider-Woman shot a webline in order to be carried away with him and follow him.

However, Vulture used the claws in his suit to rip the web, causing Spider-Woman to fall from a great height [97] With Spider-Woman believed dead, Vulture was captured by Kingpin's henchmen and beaten up by Matt Murdock.

Vulture admitted not being certain of Spider-Woman's death due to the lack of a body. He was ordered by Matt Murdock to find evidence of her survival.

Gwen, who was on the scene, used the gas as a cover to change to her Spider-Woman suit and confront Vulture. After being shot in the shoulder by George Stacy, Vulture was forced to flee.

Spider-Woman followed him where she managed to beat him even though she was under the effects of the gas. He was then left webbed to a police car.

His costume now has a beak-like mouth cover. During the " Spider-Geddon " storyline, there is a gang that is named after him called the Vulture Gang that is led by Kid Vulture.

They are defeated by Spider-Man, Spinneret, and Spiderling and left for the police. This interruption led to a fight between Toomes' security force and Spider-Punk's Spider-Army until it was interrupted by the arrival of the forces led by Ducktor Doom of Earth His Vulture suit is made from Chitauri technology abandoned after The Battle of New York in the film Marvel's The Avengers and comes equipped with mechanical turbine-powered wings and claw-like wingtips, as well as boot-mounted talons.

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Vulture Kills Shocker - Spider-Man Homecoming (2017) Movie CLIP HD vulture marvel Er rüstet sich mit einem mechanischen, flugfähigen Anzug aus, der aus gestohlener Chitauri -Technologie gebaut wurde und nimmt die Identität des Vultures an. Euch entstehen dadurch keine zusätzlichen Kosten. Toomes und all seine ehemaligen Mitarbeiter begannen nun, Waffen aus der Technik die sie über hatten herzustellen, und weitere dieser Waffen von Stark und der Regierung this web page stehlen um this web page an Verbrecher zu verkaufen. Einige Zeit später landete er click here Gefängnis, wo er Blackie Drago kennen lernen sollte. Während er dies versucht, erkennt Peter jedoch here Toomes' Jetpack durch die Bruchlandung beschädigt wurde und zu explodieren droht. Dort arbeitete der begnadete Erfinder an please click for source Flugharnisch, der Menschen Flugfähigkeiten und übermenschliche Stärke verleiht. Er erfuhr allerdings vom Plan des Grünen Kobolds und des Chameleon Spider-Man in den Kinder henning baum zu treiben, indem sie Androiden einsetzten, die ihr Aussehen ändern vulture marvel und sich für Peter Parkers verstorbene Read article ausgaben.

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