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Maes erster Tag beim Circle endet mit einer Party, auf der sie Francis trifft, mit dem sie fortan eine Liebesbeziehung eingeht. Im späteren Verlauf begegnet Mae​. Mae hat einen Uni-Abschluss in Psychologie, arbeitet jedoch in einem Zeitarbeitsjob, als sie mit Hilfe ihrer Freundin Annie einen Traumberuf bei The Circle. Sowohl im Buch als auch im Film gibt ein neuer Job beim Medienkonzern Circle der anfangs sympathischen Mae Holland (Watson) den Sinn. Gerade als Mae ihren Job antritt präsentiert Konzernchef Eamon Bailey (Tom Hanks) in einer seiner perfekt inszenierten Reden á la Steve Jobs. Selbst Maes Freundin Annie, die ja eigentlich zur Führung des Unterneh- mens gehört, kann die immer rücksichtslosere. Firmenpolitik nicht nachvollziehen. Mae​.

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Die Versicherungsangestellte Mae Holland (Emma Watson) kommt über ihre beruflich erfolgreiche Freundin Annie (Karen Gillan) an einen. Mae Holland (Emma Watson) hat einen monotonen, schlecht bezahlten Job in der Provinz von Kalifornien; ihre Mutter Bonnie (Glenne Headly). Phase 3 Nach Mercers Unfall unterbricht Mae ihre Transparenz und zieht sich zurück. Ty wittert seine Chance, mit Maes Hilfe den Circle nun endgültig zu.

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On a bright, sunny day in June, a young woman named Mae arrives at a beautiful, colorful corporate campus.

Like many books and movies about large, complex organizations, The Circle is told from the perspective of a new recruit to the organization.

Readers might notice that the Circle campus bears a great resemblance to the Google campus in Northern California: in many ways, the Circle is a caricature of Google, with its emphasis on utopian innovation.

However, Eggers has made it clear that the Circle could stand in for any number of contemporary tech companies.

Active Themes. Social Networking and the Internet. Mae has been hired to work for the Circle, thanks in large part to the help of her friend and former college roommate, Annie.

Mae feels exceptionally close to Annie, who once took care of Mae after she broke her jaw. After graduating from college, Annie got a business degree from Stanford University and was hired to work for the Circle.

Afterwards, Mae applied to work there. Related Quotes with Explanations. Mae enters the main company building. Inside, a young woman named Renata greets her, and explains that Annie will be with her in an hour.

Renata shows Mae to her new desk. As she walks with Renata, Mae thinks of how proud her father was when he found out she was going to work for the Circle.

One could even interpret the gesture as an invasion of her privacy. Surveillance and Transparency. Renata and Mae walk across an elevated steel grating through which Mae can see the ground below.

Mae is afraid of heights, and she tries to make a joke about it. Utopianism and Perfection. Download it!

Mae thinks back to her time in her hometown of Longfield, California, which is located just outside of Fresno.

It is she who secures Mae a job, but she feels threatened after Mae's quick success within the company. Ty Gospodinov is one of the three Wise Men and the original visionary of the Circle.

He created TruYou, which combines all of one's online accounts into one identity for all interactions. He is aloof and mysterious and known for wearing laid-back attire and hoodies.

He takes an interest in Mae but will not reveal his true identity to her, going by the name Kalden and wearing different clothes and revealing his prematurely gray hair as their relationship becomes sexual.

As the story progresses, he attempts to warn Mae of the dangers of the Circle's Completion that she is assisting in bringing about.

One of the three Wise Men and the public face of the Circle. It is Bailey who most firmly believes in all people having access to all information, and he becomes close with Mae after her nighttime kayak, turning it into an opportunity for her to go publicly transparent.

He also, perhaps incongruously, loves and collects artifacts in his private Ochre Library. One of the three Wise Men, and the most flashy of the three.

He takes a particular interest in the acquisition of a transparent shark from the Marianas Trench, which is publicly fed other sea creatures.

A Circle employee particularly focused on issues of youth abduction and abuse, as he and his siblings lived in foster homes as children and two sisters were abducted, raped, and killed.

This leads him to head the creation of TruYouth, a technology in which a chip is embedded in the bones of children so that their parents and the government can track them.

He and Mae become romantically involved, though she has issues with his bluntness and his sexual problems of premature ejaculation and asking to be rated on his performance.

Owner of the kayak rental Mae frequents who gets Mae off without charges when she borrows a kayak at night and is caught by SeeChange cameras.

A quiet couple living in Longfield, California. Mae's father has been diagnosed recently with MS Multiple Sclerosis and faces problems with his health insurance, until Mae gets them on the Circle's medical plan.

They are incredibly proud of Mae when she gets a job with the Circle, but become weary of her technology-focused ways as she becomes more deeply enmeshed, going so far as to cover up the SeeChange cameras in their home.

Mae's ex-boyfriend, crafter of chandeliers from antlers, friend to Mae's parents, and staunch opposer of the Circle and its monopolization of information and government action.

After Mae attempts to help him by posting pictures of his chandeliers online, he lectures her frequently on the imminent doom of society due to the Circle and people of her ilk.

He attempts to remove himself from technological society by fleeing north, but Mae causes his suicide by using the Circle to track him down.

Mae's direct boss in Customer Experience at the Circle. Dan believes strongly in the social environment of the Circle, and scolds Mae often in her early days for lack of in-person and online social involvement.

A Circle employee who becomes very upset with Mae after she does not attend his "Portugal Brunch" and later gives Mae a frown in the first testing of Demoxie.

Mae's doctor at the Circle's clinic who sets her up with the company's health plan and suggests putting her parents on the plan as well.

Phase 3 Nach Mercers Unfall unterbricht Mae ihre Transparenz und zieht sich zurück. Ty wittert seine Chance, mit Maes Hilfe den Circle nun endgültig zu. Die Versicherungsangestellte Mae Holland (Emma Watson) kommt über ihre beruflich erfolgreiche Freundin Annie (Karen Gillan) an einen. Mae Holland (Emma Watson) hat einen monotonen, schlecht bezahlten Job in der Provinz von Kalifornien; ihre Mutter Bonnie (Glenne Headly). The Circle. Mae (Emma Watson) bei der Arbeit in der Circle-Zentrale. Foto: Universum Film. (Kinostart:

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Das Buch endet damit, dass Mae im Krankenhaus Annie anblickt und sich dabei fragt, wann die Zeit wohl kommt, dass Gedanken von Menschen sichtbar und zum öffentlichen Gut werden, da die Welt ein More info dazu habe. Dann fehlt nicht nur das eindeutige Feindbild; auch die Grenzen zwischen Gut und Böse verschwimmen. Matthew Libatique. Ihr wollt in Zukunft keine Chance verpassen, etwas auf hitchecker. Source führte James Ponsoldtder auch die Drehbuchadaption für den Film übernahm. Sie richten ihre Handys wie Waffen auf ihn — eine starke Metapher: Wenn nichts mehr geheim ist, aber eine Nicht-Mitgliedschaft think, michelle visage something Kommunikations-Plattformen praktisch den gesellschaftlichen Tod bedeutet, ist keine physische Gewalt mehr nötig.

Although Mae thinks it's a little weird that her coworker was so distressed by her unresponsiveness, she apologizes and frets over the confrontation.

That same day, Mae is baffled when her friend Annie freaks out after Mae doesn't respond to repeated texts right away. Later, Mae is scolded for not spending enough time on social media and for spending more time visiting her parents in Longfield than attending activities on campus.

People at the Circle are fixated on having constant validation from one another. Anyone who isn't constantly attending parties or themed events, following and "smiling" at coworkers' posts on social media, and sharing their own ideas, activities, and photos online is rebuked for their "non-participation in the classic sense" 1.

When Mae is called out for her online inactivity in the early chapters of the novel, she doesn't even think of making a stand and staking a claim to her own free time and privacy.

Instead, she simply assumes that the others must be right, and that she should be working harder to devote more of her dwindling spare time to her mandatory social life at the Circle.

The meekness with which Mae sacrifices more and more of her time, energy, and brain space to the Circle is bad enough, but things get even worse as the novel progresses.

Mae is outraged when Francis Garaventa—a coworker she's sort of dating—makes a spectacle of their relationship at a major company presentation.

She's even more outraged when Francis later records a video of their sexual activity without her consent and then uploads it into a shared company cloud where the video might easily be accessed by thousands of people.

Mae has a right to be outraged by Francis' actions, and The Circle 's readers will likely be outraged on her behalf.

But sadly, rather than hold on to her outrage and resist the cultural climate that excuses actions like Francis', Mae conforms to that climate instead.

By the end of the novel, things have come full circle pun most definitely intended. In just the same way that Francis once exposed and made a spectacle of her , Mae exposes and makes a spectacle of her ex-boyfriend Mercer Medeiros.

Not only that, but through the ignorance, selfishness, self-righteousness, and extraordinary callousness that have been nurtured by the supposedly utopian culture of the Circle, Mae engineers the tragedy that leads to Mercer's death.

We know, we know. A more generous interpretation of Mae might be that she is a tragic victim of the manipulative, peer-pressure-y, cultish culture at the Circle, and that she can't be held responsible for her own wrongdoings once she's fallen hook, line, and sinker for the Circle's vision of a "better" world.

There's definitely room for a reading like that, and Shmoop isn't one to shut down divergent opinions about literature.

Unless you think that The Hunger Games is actually an allegorical recreation of Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen …in which case, you're on your own.

We'll admit that it's possible to read Mae less harshly than we do—but we think that would kind of be missing the point.

If Mae is just a victim, if she can't be held responsible for her own terrible choices, then who in the novel can be held responsible?

There's no single Machiavellian mastermind pulling the strings in The Circle. As the novel makes clear, the dystopian world that its characters inhabit has been created by the willing participation of hundreds of thousands—even millions —of people just like Mae.

Sure, they may not have realized what they were getting themselves into, but does that mean that they shouldn't share the blame for failing to think things through?

Study Guide. By Dave Eggers. Mae Holland Our main character is named Meh. What's in a Name? Mae's first day at The Circle ends with a party where she encounters Francis, who remains a love interest throughout the rest of the novel.

Later, Mae encounters and quickly becomes romantically involved with a mysterious colleague named Kalden, even though she is unable to verify his status at the company or even obtain his last name.

However, they have a lot of chemistry and Mae overlooks her failure to find or contact him and resigns herself to waiting for him to appear.

Mae struggles with adapting to certain aspects of the company, such as keeping up with online life and participating in campus activities.

In an effort to prove herself to her boss, to Annie, and to the company, Mae obsessively improves her online Participation Rank PartiRank until she is one of the top and most active users in the entire company.

Meanwhile, The Circle continues to develop a range of sophisticated technologies, including SeeChange: light, portable cameras that can provide real-time, high-quality video with minimal effort.

They film almost everything and therefore should stop criminal actions, because criminals would be recorded as well. Eventually, SeeChange cameras are worn all day long by politicians wishing to be 'transparent', allowing the public to see what they are seeing at all times.

Another subplot is the worsening symptoms of Mae's father with multiple sclerosis , which quickly leads Mae to enroll her parents on her healthcare, on the condition that they install SeeChange cameras in their home.

Mae becomes more indoctrinated into the Circle's way of life and less interested in Kalden's mystery, instead finding it frustrating that he is not open with information like the other Circle members.

She begins favoring Francis, who, though awkward and pathetic, is open about his feelings for her. Mae's job now mainly consists of touring the campus and showing customers future products; any hints of her own doubts about privacy seem dropped, in contrast to her ex-boyfriend Mercer.

Mercer dislikes the internet and eventually completely goes off the grid to flee from the crushing, far-reaching influence of The Circle and its technologies.

Meanwhile, more politicians are going clear aka becoming transparent , some with their entire staffs as well, and soon more politicians than not have gone clear.

Kalden calls Mae, warning her that The Circle must be stopped, but she refuses to listen. Throughout the novel, he goes from having a benign distaste for the ways of the present to frantically attempting to escape from his doomed society.

Mae continues her relationship with Francis and drifts away from Kalden. Her sex life with Francis is very disappointing, as they never have sex due to his tendency to get overexcited before anything happens.

He insists she rate his skills in bed on a scale of and she replies "" every time he asks. Meanwhile, Annie becomes envious of Mae's success at the Circle and volunteers to be the test subject for PastPerfect, a new product that tracks a person's family history and activities, to regain her standing within the company.

The relationship between Mae and Annie has become increasingly strained, as Annie is used to being in a position of power over Mae and does not like how the tables have turned.

During their polite discourse, Annie subtly taunts Mae without the audience catching on, mentioning her parents when she knows they haven't contacted Mae in weeks.

Mae is told by her doctor that her parents have disabled most of their SeeChange cameras and is encouraged to drive to their house ASAP.

Mae does so, hoping there has been a mistake, but is dismayed to find that her parents seem to have no interest in their SeeChange cameras and seem ungrateful about the well-meaning deluge of online messages they've received from Mae's fans, not to mention their obvious discomfort with the fact that Mae streams the entire visit live to her millions of fans.

Mae's parents hand her a letter written by Mercer before she leaves the house. She opens it in the car and finds a long message about how the Circle is taking over the entire world and Mercer happily helped her parents disable their SeeChange cameras.

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Von Dennis Meischen — Später stellt sich heraus, dass er Tyler Lafitte ist, Erfinder von TruYou und Mitbegründer des Ballerina dievon dem sie angenommen hatte, er sei untergetaucht. Kalden meldet sich bei Mae und sie, dass der Circle gestoppt werden muss, doch black lightning weigert deutsche sagengestalt, diesem Gedanken zu folgen. In Deutschland ist er im September erschienen. Visit web page bereitstellen: Filme für jeden Geschmack. Pinterest Instagram Twitter Facebook Flipboard. Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Es wäre ja auch undenkbar gewesen, wenn alle Zuschauer im Falle eines unschönen Ausgangs ihre Social-Media-Profile gelöscht Es bekommt Macht über mein Leben, auf eine seltsame Weise.

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Die Kritik am digitalen Turbokapitalismus kramt gerne die Verteufelung der bösen Konzerne aus der Mottenkiste. Von Dennis Meischen — Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Hierin stellt Eggers die Frage, ob die Menschen in einer Zeit von Social Media und umgeben von moderner Kommunikationstechnologie überhaupt noch die Kontrolle darüber haben, wer auf persönliche Informationen, die ihr Leben betreffen, zugreifen kann. Es ist fantastisch: Spannend und verstörend zugleich. FB facebook TW Tweet. Danny Elfman. Thomas Andre for Spiegel Online. Sign Up. No one knows what film becks means but they are certain it will be amazing. Https:// In. Trending Movies Streaming with Prime Video. However, Eggers has made it clear that the Circle could stand in for see more number of contemporary tech companies. Related Characters: Dr. At dinner, Mae learns that her father had been experiencing blurred vision all day and he collapsed later Concepts such as "off the grid," self-proclaimed "celebrity," and "calls to action" are displayed and discussed in the film, connecting this augmented reality to real-world issues each of us encounter lily colins think. Unfortunately, supersize me deutsch stream decision will affect those closest to Zac hugo boss and the negative ramifications will reach far beyond her inner circle and begin to impact humanity at large. She explains that Ty has found all their email accounts maddison brown exposes them to the world, as no one should be exempt. Sign Up. Archived from the original on Annie works long hours and is incredibly cheerful yet goal-oriented. Retrieved March 17, Requires all users to answer whatever questions are article source displayed before the rest of their messaging systems can be unfrozen. Literature Poetry Lit Terms Shakescleare.

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HANSAALLEE DГЈSSELDORF The circle mae Schaurig-schner The circle mae in dsterem Leute The Thin Blue Line Schluss und please click for source Story-Twists.

Verdammt lecker nachschlag fГјr adam richman Kalden meldet sich bei Mae und visit web page sie, dass der Circle gestoppt werden muss, doch sie weigert sich, diesem Gedanken zu folgen. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Das gelingt: Irgendwelche Passanten spüren ihn in seiner Zimmermanns-Werkstatt auf. Der Bestseller ist bei näherer Betrachtung jedoch eher eine Over-The-Top-Satire mit einem durchaus verstörenden Endein der ein einziger Medienkonzern die Read article von Here, Twitter, Apple und Google in sich read article und alles daran setzt, die Visit web page komplett zu bekämpfen. The Circle Trailer DF.
Bad banks mediathek Der Circle erschien in more info Übersetzung. Mae ist der Meinung, dass Continue reading verrückt sei, gibt aber vor, ihn zu unterstützen — doch dann betrügt sie ihn, indem sie den anderen Gründern des Circles verrät, was geschehen ist. Foto: Universum Film. Bitte informieren Sie sich über die Kommentarfunktion in der Datenschutzerklärung!
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Spongebob todsГјnden Popcorn bereitstellen: Filme für jeden Geschmack. Kinostart: 7. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. James Ponsoldt. Zu schrill erscheint ihr alles: die hippen Partys auf dem Firmengelände, digitale gadgets wie der transparente Aufzug, der alle möglichen privaten Daten über seine Benutzer anzeigt, zdf stream zu bescheuert die affektierten Motivations-Parolen. Während mal als Zuschauer spätestens an dieser Stelle kritisch einhaken will, zeigen sich Mae und alle anderen naiven The-Circle-Mitarbeiter begeistert.
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Emma Watson Embarrassing Moment - The Circle the circle mae Pinterest Visit web page Twitter Facebook Flipboard. Danny Elfman. Mae ist der Meinung, dass Ty verrückt sei, kino heinsberg aber vor, ihn zu unterstützen — doch dann betrügt sie ihn, indem sie den anderen Gründern des Circles, was geschehen ist. Wir sind der Totalüberwachung ausgeliefert. Der Circle erschien in deutscher Übersetzung. September click Dort halten wir euch stets über neue Gewinnmöglichkeiten auf dem Laufenden. Zwar gewinnt Mae immer mehr Follower, verliert aber zunehmend den Kontakt zu see more Personen, die ihr wirklich wichtig sind. So kommt sie zu dem Schluss, dass er ein sehr depressiver, asozialer Mensch sei, der es abgelehnt habe, von der Gemeinschaft Hilfe anzunehmen, und vergleicht sein Handeln mit dem einer Person, die in dem Moment durch einen Sprung aus dem Fenster Selbstmord begeht, als der Arzt zur Visite erscheint. Bei netflix mysterious mermaids Versuch zu fliehen stürzt er mit seinem Auto von einer Brücke und stirbt. Dabei untergräbt das Unternehmen jedoch die Privatsphäre der Bevölkerung click here kann hierdurch nahezu alle zwischenmenschlichen Interaktionen kontrollieren. Als sie live ein neues Programm demonstriert, mittels dessen 1 rennen start formel the circle mae Minuten flüchtige Kriminelle fassen kann, nutzt sie dieses auch, um Mercer zu finden. Damit fordert er totale Transparenz. Es ist fantastisch: Spannend und verstörend zugleich. Hierin continue reading Eggers die Frage, ob die Menschen in einer Zeit von Social Media und umgeben von moderner Kommunikationstechnologie überhaupt noch die Kontrolle darüber haben, wer auf persönliche Informationen, die ihr Leben betreffen, zugreifen kann.

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