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Finn Mertens ist eine fiktive Figur und der Protagonist der amerikanischen Zeichentrickserie Adventure Time von Pendleton Ward. Er wird in den meisten Auftritten von Jeremy Shada geäußert. Finn Campbell Mertens (auch bekannt als Finn der Mensch) ist der Menschliche Protagonist der Serie Adventure Time. Er ist der einzige Mensch in Uuh. Adventure Time – Abenteuerzeit mit Finn und Jake (Originaltitel; Adventure Time) ist eine US-amerikanische Zeichentrickserie, die von 20von den. Entdecken Sie Adventure Time: Abenteuerzeit mit Finn & Jake Staffel 1 / Vol. 1 und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Adventure Time - Finn und Jake auf Spurensuche - [PlayStation 4] - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei bestellen!

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Vergleichen Sie Adventure Time Finn Fanartikel online bei Große Auswahl ✓ Top Marken ✓ Stark reduziert ✓ Top Qualität ✓ Die neusten Trends. Nach dem Kauf von Adventure Time - Abenteuerzeit mit Finn und Jake bei Google Play kannst du dir das Video auf deinem Computer sowie auf Android- oder. Finn Mertens ist eine fiktive Figur und der Protagonist der amerikanischen Zeichentrickserie Adventure Time von Pendleton Ward. Er wird in den meisten Auftritten von Jeremy Shada geäußert.

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However, Finn seems to hate romantic scenes to the point of vomiting as seen in " Go With Me. Pigs' passionate kissing.

Finn's care for his friends makes him very protective of them as demonstrated when Tree Trunks almost gets killed in the episode " Tree Trunks " and Jake in " The New Frontier.

Jake comments on his adopted brother by saying that "he is a good kid with a kind heart. In the episode " Rainy Day Daydream ," it is shown that Finn believes that "imagination is for turbonerds who can't handle how kick-butt reality is" and that he finds real-life to be better than anything imaginary.

Finn then refuses to use his imagination until he has to reactivate Jake's "bombastic personality" in his imagination land, which was just a basic gray and white empty plane hinting that Finn is not very imaginative.

However, this is disputable when the gnomes harness the energy from Finn's imagination in the episode " Power Animal " despite it being inhabited with a few dainty creatures such as Bellamy Bug.

The gnomes state that Finn's imagination is powerful enough to affect the real world like Jake's but to a lower degree and turn on Jake's imagination.

He can get overly angry and yell as in " Trouble in Lumpy Space " and " Tree Trunks ," but immediately feels guilt and remorse and apologizes when he can.

Finn is also quick to try and resolve problems that he may have caused, such as when he caused Flame Princess to get hurt by the Ice King.

Finn is also empathetic and this was developed when he was an infant since no one except Jake's parents Joshua and Margaret helped him.

As a courageous warrior and a fearless thrill-seeker, Finn enjoys putting himself in the midst of danger simply because he enjoys a challenge as shown in " Jake Suit.

In " Another Way " and " King Worm ," he demonstrates a fear of clowns. Also, in "King Worm," he shows a fear of Bubblegum calling him too young.

In both "King Worm" and " Ocean of Fear ," Finn has an unexplained phobia of the ocean, or thalassophobia, despite the fact that he can effortlessly come into contact with any other body of water.

Finn's fears change in " Billy's Bucket List ," after he destroys Fear Feaster , a manifestation of his fears, with his grass sword while attempting to go into the ocean to fulfill Billy's wish.

The Fear Feaster's death seems to have eliminated all of Finn's fears, or at least his fear of the ocean.

Despite being mischievous from time to time, Finn is a very kind-hearted person. It's shown multiple times that he shows clear concern for others, even for those who have willingly hurt him, such as in " The Enchiridion ," he returned the dollar to the giant note that this was the very same giant who ate his beloved brother Jake and even kept insisting that he was dead.

Furthermore, he shows clear contempt for anything that is done out of immoral reasons and a consistent drive for righteousness—to "do the right thing.

Finn, like his brother Jake, is also afraid of unknown vampires, as shown in " The Empress Eyes " when he hears Ice King breaking twigs.

Thinking that it was a vampire, he starts throwing vampire hunting sticks into thin air. Finn is also shown as willing to sacrifice himself in order to save others, as seen in the episode " James.

Though, He was knocked out and Princess Bubblegum convinced James to be the sacrifice instead. Despite his age and appearance, Finn seems to be quite strong and athletic; he can be seen wrestling full-grown Marauders , the large grass ogre Donny , and a general variety of monsters and creatures several times his size.

Finn is also capable of lifting up Princess Bubblegum, as shown in " Mortal Recoil " when he picks her up and puts her in her bed, and capable of lifting up Marceline as seen in " Daddy's Little Monster.

Lastly, in " Dad's Dungeon ," when Finn stabs the Evil Monster in the eye, he is able to lift it up slightly off the ground and flip it into the pit.

Being the size it is, the giant Evil Monster should have weighed at least several tons, thus showing Finn's strength. Finn is also agile as he can jump very high and even make his arms and legs bend in inhuman ways, as during the Science Dance and when he uses "spaghetti limbs" waving his arms and legs, which Jake can also do.

In " The New Frontier ," it is shown that Finn can make fire only with his hands. Finn can also endure high temperatures, as seen in " Jake Suit " as he allows Jake to dip his head in lava, and also in " Rattleballs ," when he sits in a mini-barbecue.

This may be because he is already accustomed to heat from his relationship with Flame Princess. Also, in " The Lich ," he is able to break the Enchiridion on his knee without any sign of pain, demonstrating considerable strength and resilience.

He even tries to teach Jake how to tolerate pain in "Jake Suit," when he says, "just pretend like every bruise is a hickey from the universe.

Finn is proficient in several forms of combat, including hand-to-hand, magic, and swordsmanship.

When using hand-to-hand combat, he is an aggressive fighter, combining some forms of martial arts or his amazing swordsmanship skills.

Finn prefers overpowering his opponents, but he is also quick enough to understand an opponent's weakness or using his environment to win a fight.

He also received training from the old gumball robot Rattleballs which dramatically improved his sword skills and his reflexes to greater levels.

Besides combat, Finn displays many other impressive abilities in handicrafts. He has some origami skills, as shown in " Ricardio the Heart Guy ," in which he makes Princess Bubblegum a paper crane, as well as in " Marceline's Closet ," in which he makes a paper airplane.

Finn and Jake gain magical abilities in the episode " Wizard ," but they never use those abilities in any other episode.

Pendleton Ward later revealed on his Spring that all of the magic that Finn and Jake gained in that episode was contained in their robes, which were destroyed.

In " Daddy's Little Monster ," for the first time, he becomes an antagonist by wearing the Nightosphere amulet , although it is only temporary.

In " The Tower " Finn gains a new mental arm with the ability to interact with the physical world. His emotions seem to cause this, along with the ability of telekinesis.

Since it was linked with his emotions, it exploded into a huge arm of spikes when he confronted his "dad," and disappeared when Finn's animosity abated.

Finn is twelve years old at the start of the series and progressively grows older relative to the passing of time in real life.

Finn is shown going through puberty throughout the series. This is seen whenever when he screams as his voice cracks.

Finn's voice is noticeably deeper at fourteen than it was at age thirteen as a result of his voice actor aging.

Episodes with early production codes have Finn with a very childlike voice such as " The Enchiridion! In an interview in early at the end of season three , Pendleton Ward stated that Finn was fourteen.

Finn was later confirmed to be fifteen years old in the second half of Season Five, according to Adam Muto. In " The Comet ," he is revealed to be sixteen years old.

Finally, in " Seventeen ," he turns seventeen years old. This is Finn Mertens' alternate universe form.

He came into existence because of the wish that Prismo granted normal-universe Finn in the episode " Finn the Human ," and he was also in " Jake the Dog.

He was later the bearer of the Ice King's crown after using it to save his family. In the episode " Puhoy ," Finn travels to a realm full of pillows where he cannot escape and eventually starts a new life, becoming an adult and elder.

Elder Finn loses his right arm and replaces it with an artificial one. In " The Vault ," along with Shoko, a few other of Finn's past lives are shown.

As the first past life that Finn witnessed during his trance, he saw himself as a blue comet. It is unknown if this was one of the Catalyst Comets.

The second past incarnation that Finn saw in the episode was his past life as a butterfly. He appears to have has blue wings with purple spots.

The next incarnation that he saw before he was cut off by Jake was a Giant, Pink, and glowing glob.

Finn said that he thinks that the creature might have been inter-dimensional. It is possible that this might have been one of the past Candy Elementals.

In " The Vault ," it is revealed that the strange, amorphous, ghost that has seemingly been haunting him is Shoko, his former self in a past life, who was horribly mutated before her death.

Finn completes her dying wish by returning Princess Bubblegum the amulet that Shoko had stolen from her in the past.

In the episode " Go With Me ," Finn is shown wearing a "lute suit" provided by his friend, Jake, in his attempt to convince Princess Bubblegum to go to the movies with him.

It is also shown later in the episode when he tries to get Marceline to go to the movies with him. He wears a blue eye mask, an electric-green hood, and a large red robe.

Finn is the head, while Jake is the body. See the gallery section for more images. Finn is transformed into a cat by the Grand Master Wizard when Finn forfeits the Wizard Battle ; however, Finn was able to break out of it after becoming enraged by Abracadaniel 's decision to take the kiss from Princess Bubblegum.

In " The Creeps ," Finn wears a black tuxedo with a blue-trimmed collar that has a split tail end. He also has a matching blue bow tie, a gray vest, a brown and tan fox mask over his characteristic hat, and brown "fancy gloves.

As a foot, Finn has great difficulty moving at first, and only musters the effort to make himself fall over. Finn is upset at his physical handicap while Jake tries to make him realize that being a foot is a blessing.

Finn is unconvinced and later becomes motivated to return to his original body after discovering that Magic Man has turned many others into body parts as well.

Magic Man restores Finn and the rest of the freaks to their original bodies. In the game, Finn appears as a zombie just like in "Slumber Party Panic.

He was most likely added as a joke or Easter egg. In the episode " Trouble in Lumpy Space ," Finn turns into a Lumpy Space person after giving the antidote to Jake so that he can return back to his normal body.

This causes him to transform into a huge, monstrous, demonic form similar to Hunson Abadeer. Afterward, he tries to pull Jake and Marceline back into the world but stops after Hunson reverts Finn back into his original form.

In " Daddy's Little Monster ," Finn disguises himself as a demon in order to sneak into the Nightosphere.

He puts on his red pajamas, cuts a paper plate and puts it on his face, and tapes forks to his hat. When he is in this form, he must go on a hugging spree to fulfill his hug lust.

However, in the morning, he does not recall anything he did in the night before. As a Hug Wolf, Finn has shaggy gray fur, heart-shaped hands and feet, and, due to increased musculature and overall size, wears torn clothing.

He is much faster and strong than his human form, while mentally he is almost completely overcome by his powerful urges to hug.

He is cured when he hugs the Alpha Hug Wolf which cures her as well. In the episode " Princess Cookie ," Finn dresses in a black bodysuit and pretends to be Jake's shadow in order to get into the grocery store and take out the Chocolate Chips.

In the titular episode , Finn disguises himself as "Davey" in an attempt to hide from his followers. Davey eventually evolves into his own character, possibly hinting that Finn temporarily develops a dissociative identity.

However, later it's revealed that Finn was just acting. Davey is also seen in issue 60 of the Adventure Time comic showing that he was a possible previous reincarnation of Finn.

After visiting a much more elaborate version of Prismo's Time Room, created as a "Plan B," Finn makes a choice to save Prismo by creating a paradox that vaporizes his dream world duplicate.

Instead of turning to dust, Finn's body turns into a sword, dubbed the Finn Sword by Prismo.

Martin named his makeshift spaceship, "The Minnie," after her. In " Min and Marty ," it is shown that she is very clever, and her willingness to help will extend beyond what's considered "right.

In " Helpers " and " The Light Cloud ," her selflessness and desire to help people is responsible for saving much of the human population from being wiped by a disease accidentally created by Dr.

It's possible that Minerva was the last helper on her island when she caught the fatal condition. In the end, she decided to sacrifice her body and upload her consciousness into hundreds of robots so she could help and protect what was left of the human population.

Her maternal turned controlling characteristics were further explored in " The Light Cloud " when she tried to prevent Finn from leaving the island.

Her fear of the chaos of the outside world fueled her anti-exploration beliefs until Finn showed her the positive aspects of Ooo that turned him into the good person he is.

This convinced her to let Finn leave the island. As the ship grew farther away from the island Minerva gave Finn one last "hug" and motherly advice about not eating too many blueberries.

At the end of " Come Along With Me ," Minerva and the other humans appear to have overcome their apprehensions about Ooo and are shown arriving by boat, with Minerva appearing on a projection screen waving to an elated Finn and Jake.

When her consciousness was uploaded to the Island's system, she was able to program hundreds of robots with her personality so she could help the island inhabitants.

Her robots perform medical check-ups, direct traffic, put out fires, and guard prisoners. She also has the ability to access the information of the inhabitants of the islands, shown when she found out who Finn was when a Minerva-Bot took a blood sample.

The Minerva bots, when an organism has mysterious implants put on their forehead, have the ability to make the organism's bones disappear with a snap.

The robots also have the ability to walk on water and walk through force fields. In their heads, the Minerva bots also have the ability to project a giant light cloud that serves the same function as a cloud chamber, except on a mass scale.

As the main "Program," Minerva can control all of the robots through voice commands and project her voice through them as well.

She seems to mostly reside inside the main monitor surrounded by a moat that houses the major computers that contain her program.

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Finn und Jake entdecken am Zitronenschloss ein kurioses Experiment. Finns teuflischer Hut entfesselt im Candy-Königreich ein rasantes Kräftemessen. Zwei Zauberer stellen im Flammenkönigreich einen Coup auf die Beine. Als stolzer Papa von fünf neuen Welpen muss sich Jake an die Vaterrolle erst einmal gewöhnen. Oktober [12]. Die Hochzeit von Mr.

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