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IMDb, the world's most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content. The paperboy Kurt walks in on her girlfriend cheating on him. Gry, his girlfriend convinces him that what he saw was all in his head, and sends him off to a shrink. Run and Become follows an unassuming Finnish paperboy in the Self-​Transcendence Miler - the world's longest race. His story takes the See full. - The Paperboy () - Pictures, Photos & Images - IMDb. Nicole Kidman, Lee Daniels, and Zac Efron at an event for The Paperboy (). Zac EfronNicole KidmanMode. Mehr dazu Gemerkt von: IMDb.

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The Paperboy. merken · Amazon • IMDb Der Thriller The Paperboy hat zwar noch immer keinen offiziellen Starttermin erhalten, aber seit wenigen Stunden. - The Paperboy () - Pictures, Photos & Images - IMDb. IMDb, the world's most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content.

They are sat apart in the prison meeting room; Charlotte spread her legs and begins to masturbate. This scene wouldn't have been so bad if they were alone, but Yardley, Ward and Jack are also in the room.

A Haneke film this is not, but by doing this the whole issue of morality and senses in the cinema is raised. As such, Daniels new feature is a sweaty, sexy and visceral experience, which needed to take some more pointers from other more complete films.

All in all, you may have to scrub yourself clean, but you won't forget the experience for quite some time.

TheSquiss 4 March The Paperboy is one of those films that has a fine cast, a director with a track record Lee Daniels, Oscar nominated for Precious and an interesting plot, but will be rarely seen and largely forgotten by year's end.

It's well performed, directed with few flaws and the cinematography hits the spot perfectly, but the trouble is, in terms of ratings, that it isn't easy to sell.

Essentially, The Paperboy is a dialogue-driven film about an idealistic reporter, Ward Jansen Mathew McConaughey , who returns to his hometown in the backwaters of the red-necked American south to investigate the conviction of a man on death row convicted of murdering a sheriff.

When Charlotte Bless Nicole Kidman , the infatuated pen-friend of Hillary Van Wetter John Cusack , the murderer in question, approaches Ward for help, he recruits his bother Jack Zac Efron and colleague Yardley David Oyelowo and sets about investigating ineptitude and corruption surrounding the case.

It isn't a pretty story, it doesn't race along at breakneck speed and it isn't a film that haunts the viewer long after the credits have rolled.

It is, however, a thoroughly enjoyable tale that meanders through some murky and terrible swamps, both literal and metaphorical, and will satisfy those with a penchant for the underbelly of society.

Based on a true story and one from the official selection for Cannes , The Paperboy is a dark story that at times is very unpleasant.

It goes to places you almost certainly want to avoid in your life. There are no sweet and lovely two-dimensional characters here but 'regular Joes' with twists in their psyches and the relationships between the principal four keeps us on our toes.

Each has secrets or sides to their characters they try to hide and each is capable of damaging another willfully and yielding or ignoring their conscience after the event in their own self-harming manner.

Efron shows signs of shaking off his teenybopper roots and it is encouraging to see him take a long and effective step away from such pulp as last year's predictable The Lucky One.

At last we see something of a character developing from him, and Jack's relationship with the maid, Anita Macy Gray , who also narrates much of the story, gives a hint of warmth to an otherwise cold and twisted collection of characters.

Both McConaughey and Kidman stepped away from the 'beautiful' roles sometime ago, though there is still a feeling of them playing 'against type' here, which isn't fair as both are very fine actors with some startling performances in recent years.

Here they allow themselves to be engulfed by the perversions of their roles and are eminently watchable though you wouldn't much 'alone time' with either of them.

Gray is overlooked largely and, though her Anita is supposed to be the all-seeing character that fills in the gaps for us, she feel inconsequential much of the time.

It is Cusack that startles most of all here. He often frustrates as a fine actor in turkeys Hot Tub Time Machine, The Raven and then blindsides us with another performance we've been desperately hoping for.

As Hilary he initially causes reserved sympathy from us as he stumbles into the scene disheveled and emotionally crushed. We can almost smell the grease in his hair and his fetid breath and recoil at the thought of Charlotte sharing anything more than a letter with him.

But he evolves and repulses as The Paperboy unfolds in a performance every bit the antitheses of his signature role, Martin Q.

Blank, but equally memorable. Whilst an unpleasant character with whom to share time, the performance is absorbing.

Just please don't let this be the last time we enjoy Cusack for another five years. Daniels has crafted a film of relationships with confused issues.

Life isn't always clear-cut and often it is just plain dirty. Though less successful, financially, than Precious, The Paperboy is a far more mature film with a great deal more flare.

Although Daniels hasn't had the courage to shoot it entirely in the style of the period, there are enough references to the late sixties and seventies with split screens and flares to transport us back the era of segregation and Tarantino's favourite word.

It won't last long at the box office, but The Paperboy is a DVD treat for an evening that calls for something more than schmaltz or easy laughs and requires some emotional investment.

For more reviews from The Squiss, subscribe to my blog and like the Facebook page. This film reminded me quite a bit of "Deliverance.

It's less riveting than "Deliverance" but has more sympathy toward its characters. The plot revolves around a small group of people who join forces for a cause: A woman who wants to free a prisoner she's become enamored of by mail and a couple of newspaper reporters who want to dig up the truth about the crime.

One of the reporters is seeking justice, the other has a slightly different agenda. The idealistic reporter has a younger brother Zac Efron who is an innocent.

Innocence, idealism and romanticism come up against opportunism and sociopathy and some of what happens is not too much of a surprise.

The end of the movie had a great deal of dramatic potential and could have been more suspenseful in the hands of a more polished director.

The movie overall is somewhat lurid, a Southern Gothic, but not as lurid as some critics have claimed.

Overall it is a movie with some poignancy. While the acting is pretty good and the film explores some very interesting ideas, it sadly has no point whatsoever.

The storyline severely lacks any kind of line and leaves you feeling like you've wasted your time. Weird flashback techniques occasionally overly subtle script make it difficult to understand or enjoy.

I found the scenes where Hillary and Charlotte engage exceptionally disturbing and unnecessary.

Issues with love, self-acceptance and racism are well dealt with and carried by outstanding acting, however the movie falls apart because the nonsensical storyline doesn't pull anything together and fails miserably to garner any understanding or interest.

Very disappointed. Despite strong performances from some of the actors Cusack was pretty creepy , none of the characters in this film vaguely resembles any person who has actually lived on this planet.

There are only one-dimensional stereotypes and excuses to insert "shocking twists" into a rather unimportant and undeveloped "story".

You have a reporter? A woman obsessed with a imprisoned killer who says it's because he is innocent, but really she just doesn't think she deserves any better.

A housekeeper who is narrating the story who is difficult to understand for some unknown person for some unknown purpose. A kid who sits around and feels jealous of everyone else's relationships and pines for the previously mentioned prison groupie, because, well as is the norm in this film who knows or cares for that matter.

But it is insinuated because she reminds him of his mommy. And she is of course unrealistically hot for a prison groupie.

These characters are not explained or developed in any meaningful way aside from the fact that the boy has mommy abandonment issues, the reporter is ashamed by his homosexual desire for black men and, oh white people were really racist back in the day.

And swamp people walk around naked with dead alligators hanging everywhere. And eat ice cream out of pots.

And I guess they had not yet invented air-conditioning or indoor plumbing whenever this film was supposed to take place.

Because most of the characters are covered in dirt and sweat throughout. Oh and don't forget pointless urination and the constant reminder that the world is and has always been a terrible place and any attempts to do the right thing will be met with disappointment and murder.

They do not develop any tension in the so-called story relating to the completely inconsequential investigation and consistently have every major plot development off screen.

Focusing mostly on the fantasies twisted and otherwise of I presume the writer. A complete waste of time and film. All concerned should be ashamed to be associated with this cinematic cum stain.

Lee Daniels' follow-up to the powerful Precious is an atmospheric work of Southern Gothic, based on a novel by Pete Dexter.

Some might be precious! In a good way. Grainy, saturated and wilfully unfocused, The Paperboy is a reminder of the power of 2D.

Matthew McConaughey continues his resurgence, tapping into a hitherto hidden vulnerability. He plays Ward Jansen, a journalist who arrives in the back-of-beyond with his partner, Yardley David Oyelowo.

To entice him they employ Charlotte Nicole Kidman, fearless , who's in love with Hilary, or the idea of Hilary. Finally, and centrally, there is scared, smouldering Jack Jansen, played by a very capable Zac Efron.

Jack wants to steal Charlotte away from all this: the alligator-gutters and the insufferable heat. Nicole thinks he knows nothing because he's young, but one of the films myriad themes is the value of youthful idealism: Jack is the only one of the main characters yet to plunge down a rabbit-hole of hopelessness and self-service.

There is genuine affection on show, though, of the brotherly kind between Ward and Jack, and the motherly kind between Jack and Anita a subtle and funny Macy Gray; further proof of Daniels' aptitude for bringing the best and least showy from musicians-turned-actors.

The film is ramshackle and imperfect - but this kind of works. It skitters along with little attention paid to the audience, with precise relationships between characters rarely spelled out, and chunks of action entirely elided.

It's not quite as funny or bleak as the similarly southern-fried Killer Joe, but I do believe that The Paperboy has a more humanist agenda than William Friedkin's film, basically emerging on the side of people, broken as they often become.

Like Precious, this is a film containing difficult individual scenes, and a troubling ambivalence about whether we're investing in a set of real characters or peering at them through museum glass.

But there's no doubt, when the camera starts rolling, that Daniels sets out to challenge his audience.

In that respect, he has succeeded. Hellmant 25 January The movie itself has gotten mostly bad reviews but Kidman has gotten plenty of high critical praise and award recognition for her performance in it including a supporting actress Golden Globe nomination.

The rest of the cast has been well received as well and Daniels is still seen as a skilled director but the trashy content of the film as well as it's overall muddled nature have been negatively criticized by many.

I agree with the criticisms but still feel like I have to give it a lot of respect and credit for what it does manage to accomplish.

The film revolves around a man named Hillary Van Wetter Cusack who's on death row for the murder of a local sheriff in a small Florida town.

He's been communicating with a woman, Charlotte Bless Kidman , he's never met via letters. Charlotte believes she's in love with Hillary and calls on the help of two reporters from Miami, Ward Jansen McConaughey and Yardley Acheman Oyelowo , to help her prove he's innocent.

Believing new evidence is available the two reporters travel to the Florida town, which is a return home for Ward to the town he grew up in.

Ward visits his dad Glenn and his new girlfriend Nealla Gordon , who distribute his paper there. He also reunites with his kid brother Jack Efron , who helps with their investigation.

Jack is young and inexperienced with women and immediately falls for the sexy Charlotte. The Jansen's maid Anita Gray is Jack's only friend and she narrates the story.

The movie is sleazy and trashy pulp like the films of yesteryear. Daniels brings a lot of style to his storytelling but it's still a mess.

The visuals are often haunting and disturbing and you never really know where the film is going or what to make of anyone or anything in it.

It is bizarrely interesting though and entertaining in a somewhat bitter way. Like a lot of films it has a lot of great moments but a lot of bad ones in between as well.

The cast is all fantastic; Cusack is very strange and creepy, McConaughey seems to be playing a character like many others he's done before but he does take a sharp character twist, Efron is good as the shy yet determined heart of the film and Kidman is fantastic as the sex obsessed vixen.

The movie is a mixed bag but it definitely has it's qualities. I understand why some people think this movie is OK.

It has some good actors, and it explores some dark issues. Unfortunately it is a roller-coaster ride going from mundane to awkward with little point to the journey.

There is no cleverness, no real plot, and nothing of note to keep you watching except for the hope of a good ending. Too much effort went into trying to shock the viewer than went into actually making an involving story.

The characters are obviously intended to polarise viewers, but they have tried too hard and the characters have been made uniformly unlikeable.

The ending shows promise, but then true to the movie's form, it crashes back to mediocrity. The flashback concept is also so pointless. It has no relevance and no real callback to the present.

The consequences of the story lead nowhere, and your are left feeling that sitting through this movie was equally pointless.

The dialog also leads to confusion, it doesn't help to engage you at any deeper level and I couldn't really be bothered to dissect it too much.

This paperboy does not deliver. I'm happy to provide an opposite perspective but it is worth mentioning that most critiques seem to come from a superficial point-of-view.

Anita Macy Gray as the narrator takes us down to small town life in Florida in the late s where she worked as a maid for the white, upper class Jansen family.

Nothing is as it seems. The youngest brother, Jack Jansen Zac Efron , has just returned home after a short stint as a star swimmer at university.

He's lost with no purpose and no real desire. The elder brother, Ward Jansen Matthew McConaughey , is a reporter at the Miami Times and has just returned home to investigate a racial murder case.

To help him, he has brought home his newspaper partner and friend Yardley Acheman David Oyelowo. Yardley comes from an upper class, African American family from London.

The film has found a place in time where racism was rampant in some parts of the world and barely an issue in other parts of the world.

It was definitely an issue for Hillary Van Wetter John Cusack who apparently committed murder due to race, but he could also have been unjustly imprisoned due to race.

At this point in the film, most viewers are still reeling from the introduction of all the actors. Viewers remain in a state of shock when Hillary and Charlotte decide to pleasure themselves upon first meeting, with all other paper players present.

Contrary to popular belief, that scene was not just for pure shock value, it was also used to help establish who the innocent characters are and who deserves our sympathies.

The most intuitive and considerate character, Ward, has also returned home to look after his little brother. Their mother died when they were young and with a stubborn and distant father and scheming step-mother- to-be, Jack is prone to misunderstood loneliness, and Ward hires him as a driver for their newspaper article on Hillary's case.

Jack is more innocent and sheltered than his age suggests. He's never been in love and he doesn't even know how to find love.

So when Charlotte shows up with bleach-blonde hair and a skin-tight, shorter-than-appropriate hooker dress, he's in love.

Or infatuation, but he doesn't know the difference, and then the film starts exploring that. But after all, Jack Efron is the title character of "The Paperboy".

This film is about him. It also happens to be about love, sex, race, murder and acceptance. It is extreme, chaotic and tragic, but it's not terrible.

It's actually a very intelligent film. I found this to be virtually pornographic and gratuitously so and the gore factor was over the top.

It's shocking that so many stars like Kiddman and McConauaghay and Daniels were involved in this project. Truly disgusting, and incredibly disturbing as well.

I watched this after watching "The Butler" and was shocked that Daniels could have put his efforts in to this awful project.

The film had no socially redeeming qualities in that it didn't reflect anything about a historical event for which sex and violence can play a dramatic role.

It was simply "Shock Schlock". The graphic and gratuitous nature of all of the sexual scenes was incredibly disturbing, as was the bloody violence throughout the film.

It should not have received a rating of R. I question whether it should have even received a rating of NC I would encourage everyone NOT to watch this film.

With that cast, I expected to see at least a decent movie. Boy, was I wrong. This thing is a train wreck from start to finish.

There is little character development. The plot is thin and disjointed. It jumps from scene to scene with little relationship.

The actually story becomes less interesting as it progresses. By the end, I just did not care. Skip this one. Thatoneguyimet 23 January Great actors, horrible movie.

The story was rambling, confused, and seemed to be dark just to be dark. The narration was horrible; Macy Gray is incoherent throughout.

I'm sure there was a reason to have a narrator, but the fact that she was completely unable to be understood kind of eliminates the benefit.

Characters were poorly developed and there was never any build up to explain their behavior. The director seemed to be searching for ways to degrade every character over and over and over.

This movie was disturbing without any redeeming quality at all. Don't waste your time or your money.

The Paperboy A rough and crude backwater view of Louisiana folk and the crossing of paths of a convicted criminal and several local people with mixed pasts.

It's what a friend of mine would maybe call a swamp story--and by that he meant all the messy, mired personal histories of a group of people getting in the way and making for high drama.

In this case it becomes literally the swamps of the Gulf Coast and some pretty harrowing scenes result. The three leads are huge stars, and all are portrayed in a gritty, sometimes very unattractive way.

Nicole Kidman plays a trashy rural woman well, coming on to those who can't resist and then getting in trouble big trouble with one of them.

Matthew McConaughey is a troubled reporter and he ends up in worse shape than Nicole Kidman partly because it takes longer to get him there.

And John Cusack plays a convincing psycho criminal, released in time to make mayhem for the rest of the cast.

There is also an odd small role by David Oyelowo, who has a voice so much like Sidney Poitier it's surprising. So this swamps story with a stellar cast seems to have potential, and it even is structured in an inventive way with a disjointed arranging of the narrative pieces, some shaky camera, and so on.

But director and screenwriter, and producer Lee Daniels manages to make a muck of it all. The plot doesn't seem terribly complicated but it's weirdly hard to completely follow.

The motivations of the characters--from the writer to the woman to another younger man who has sexual needs that seem weirdly bottled up--are never clarified.

Rate This. A homicidal twelve-year-old paperboy becomes obsessed with a woman and her daughter next-door, and he'll do anything to make his fantasy of the "perfect family" come alive.

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A unique secretive facility that specializes in elaborate assisted suicide fantasies. External Reviews. Ali, a courageous woman and single mother of two kids, works with the trainer and owner of a rundown box club in order to provide for her family. Shopkeeper Guttorm Isaksen Full Cast and Crew. Edit Details Country: Germany. Alternate Wdh. Dreams Photos Add Image. Photo Gallery. A legend film the take that she returned to Earth as a ghost click still roams the streets of Moscow alongside her free-drifting descendants. Genres: Comedy. Color: Color. Naked Animals Metacritic Reviews. Aber click here wir erst einmal einen Blick auf die Story des umstrittenen Films. Charlotte Bless. Best International Actress. Finally, and centrally, there is scared, smouldering Jack Jansen, played by a very capable Zac Efron. Zac Efron is decent in his protagonist role, Matthew McConaughey source fairly good work, but the in freundschaft wiederholung star is Nicole Kidman. The cinematography is excellent as Roberto Schaefer's camera gets so close to the characters that you can almost smell their body odour in the immense heat. Rosemont Krista Errickson And she is of course hot for a prison groupie. The Paperboy () - IMDb. Directed by Lee Daniels. With Matthew McConaughey, Nicole Kidman, John Cusack, Zac Efron. A reporter returns to his Florida. The Paperboy. The movie poster of The Paperboy. Genre: Drama. Run time: 0 minutes. Land: USA. Imdb score: View movie on imdb / The Paperboy. merken · Amazon • IMDb Der Thriller The Paperboy hat zwar noch immer keinen offiziellen Starttermin erhalten, aber seit wenigen Stunden.

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