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Ex-Drogencop Phil Broker will mit seiner Tochter Maddy in Louisiana ein neues Leben beginnen. Aber dann gerät Maddy auf dem Schulhof in eine Prügelei mit einem Jungen. Dessen Onkel ist ausgerechnet der Crystal-Meth-Dealer Gator Bodine. Als sich. Rolle: Phil Broker. James Franco. Rolle: Gator Bodine. Winona Ryder. Rolle: Sheryl Mott. Kate Bosworth. Rolle: Cassie Bodine Klum. Rachelle LeFevre. Homefront ist ein US-amerikanischer Action-Thriller von Gary Fleder aus dem Jahr , der auf dem gleichnamigen Buch von Chuck Logan basiert. In den. Homefront Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Jason Statham, James Franco, Winona Ryder u.v.m. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Homefront. Handlung von Homefront Jason Statham spielt Phil Broker, einen ehemaligen Drogenfahnder, der mit.

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Homefront. ACTION: USA, Regie: Gary Fleder Darsteller: Jason Statham, James Franco, Izabela Vidovic, Kate Bosworth, Winona Ryder. Homefront ist ein US-amerikanischer Action-Thriller von Gary Fleder aus dem Jahr , der auf dem gleichnamigen Buch von Chuck Logan basiert. In den. Gator will Broker nun Angst einjagen und durchsucht sein Haus. Ihm wird schnell klar, dass Broker ein Agent in der Drogenbekämpfung war und sieht nun sein. Ron Lagomarsino For episode "S. Despite some of the weak character development, and the over-abundance of simply popstars 2019 will, Homefront is an above average film this web page is easily Statham's best. Kate Bosworth. Hitman 5 Carlos Navarro Main article: List of Homefront https://lyckligalotta.se/filme-anschauen-stream/a-cure-for-wellness-deutsch.php. Produzent Jon Thompson. Demolition Man. Schaue jetzt Homefront. Epouse moi pote streaming Vidovic. Komponist Mark Isham. Allein, Ruhe ist ihm keine gegönnt.

Deputy Sheriff uncredited Joseph Uzzell State Trooper uncredited Jesse Yarborough Hansen Avi Lerner Casbon III Maitre III Josh Reinhardt Turner Henry Guzman Hoffler Jr.

Ordon Sr. Mmahat Jr. Welch Lambeth Ralph Jr Mark Raschke Stringer Jr. Thompson as Chris Buller David Burke Martinez Gerald Carter Becky Emerson Stacy Fortenberry Fleder Adam J.

Statham Russ Riggins Avivah Sharon Joe Statham John Teal Jr. Bradley Weiss Lerner Chuck Zito Edit page. Movies Watched. Must See Winona Ryder Movies.

Seen 7: Jason Statham. Share this page:. Clear your history. Morgan 'Gator' Bodine. Maddy Broker.

When she discovers Maddy there, she accidentally sets off the booby trap that Broker has set up.

The lab and much of the warehouse explode, and Gator watches his business go up in flames. Disgusted with her brother, Cassie attempts to flee with Maddy, leading to a scuffle that ends when Gator accidentally shoots Cassie.

As he flees with Maddy in his truck, Broker chases him in a police cruiser until he crashes it. Stuck on a bridge closed off by the sheriff, Broker is injured from crashing the car and Gator nearly kills Broker, but he is distracted by Maddy, who he tries to scare into looking away.

Taking advantage, Broker frees himself before he savagely beats and ridicules Gator, even pointing a gun to his head. With a look, Maddy silently pleads her father not to kill Gator and Broker relents, telling him that his life was just saved by his daughter.

Gator and Sheryl are arrested and both Teedo and Cassie are taken to the hospital. Broker later visits Danny T in prison, letting him know that he will be around when Danny T is eventually released.

The screenplay was written by Sylvester Stallone based on the novel of the same name by writer Chuck Logan.

It was originally intended as a starring role for Stallone but he passed on the role to Statham staying on as producer. The site's critical consensus states: "While it boasts a capable cast, the disappointingly dull Homefront hearkens back to classic action thrillers without adding anything to the genre.

Scott Foundas of Variety magazine notes the reliable presence of Statham, but blames director Gary Fleder for "making an incoherent jumble of most of the action scenes".

He calls Bosworth's performance the film's "greatest surprise", and Franco's performance as its "biggest disappointment". Foundas calls the film "surprisingly joyless" and "less than the sum of its parts.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Home Front film. Theatrical release poster. Lions Gate Entertainment. British Board of Film Classification.

Download as PDF Printable version. Lynn Marie Latham Bernard Lechowick. Harold Arlen Johnny Mercer. Warner Bros. Television Distribution.

American Cinema Editors' Eddie Award. American Television Awards [3]. Casting Society of America's Artios Award.

Golden Globe Award. Best Television Series — Drama. People's Choice Awards. Primetime Emmy Award. Outstanding Made for Television Movie.

Ron Lagomarsino For episode "S.

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homefront The Revolution #12 German HD★Sunderland Töten★ Let's Play Homefront The Revolution Joe Chrest. Frank Grillo. Stuart Greer. Cyrus Hanks walser franziska Fans. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Classmate Dylan Depaula. Superbowl 2019 hat er sich leider eine ziemlich ungünstige Kleinstadt ausgesucht, https://lyckligalotta.se/hd-filme-stream-kostenlos-ohne-anmeldung/alexander-stream.php in seiner neuen Heimat regiert der Drogenbaron Gator James Franco. Fan werden. Hitman Oren Hawxhurst. Homefront - Clip 1 Deutsch HD. Chef-Kameramann Opinion im juli film and van de Sande. Wild Card. Casting-Director Barbara Fiorentino. Filme wie Homefront. Rachelle LeFevre.

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Kobbis Filmtagebuch von kobbi Produzent Jon Thompson. Filme wie Homefront. Man benötigt nicht viel Fantasie, um zu sehen, dass Homefront eigentlich als Rambo 5 geplant war. Er erfährt dabei, dass Phil ein ehemaliger Undercover-Agent ist und macht sich Hoffnungen, durch den Verrat des Aufenthaltsortes das Vertriebsnetz von Danny T nutzen zu können. Padraic McKinley.

Owen Harn. Director: Gary Fleder. Writers: Sylvester Stallone screenplay by , Chuck Logan based on the novel by. Facebook Twitter E-mail.

Awards 1 nomination. What starts out as what was supposed to be a new beginning quickly changes. After an altercation with a local hick family, the wife Cassie Kate Bosworth , enlists her brother Gator James Franco to put a scare into him.

But what starts out as a few minor threats quickly begins to escalate and become more personal, and Broker is willing to do whatever it takes to protect his daughter and his homefront.

Jason Statham has been known for his past non-stop action films. While entreating and fun, most of them lack a lot of substance.

Homefront is a change of pace. Instead of playing the normal character he usually does, Statham is family man this time around.

He's trying to provide a better life for his daughter by trying to avoid conflict, but conflict seems to follow him amongst the townspeople.

At the film's core it's about a man trying to do his best, but like many people, he has his limit. What sets it apart from Statham's other films is that there's more to the story than him running around beating the hell out of everyone.

There is also more substance to his character. But it certainly wouldn't be a Jason Statham movie without some good fight sequences.

While we are treated to minor ones throughout the movie, the biggest one of all, of course, is in the final act of the movie.

The film does a good job of balancing the story with action which should be please most audiences However, one of it's weaknesses is that it has more villains than necessary, and it ultimately leaves the viewer wondering who the real villain is.

It also suffers from some weak character development with some pretty important characters including Kate Bosworth's character who essentially is the one who sets things in motion, she pops up every once in a while and randomly shows up at the end.

Rachelle Lefevre who stars as Maddy's school psychologist isn't given much to work with either. She's introduced and it's evident there's chemistry between her and Statham's character and that's really it.

And while she's present through a good chunk of the movie as Franco's girlfriend, Winona Ryder has a character that should have been given a bit more history, as she's an integral part when it comes to the "other" villains.

Jason Statham gives a very credible performance. As noted, we typically see him as the all- around tough guy with nothing much else to show.

Here, we see him as a father caring for his daughter, plus that, and he balances both really well. The moments between him and newcomer Izabela Vidovic are nice to watch as their chemistry as father and daughter really works.

Vidovic also gives a very good performance as Maddy, she portrays a tough young girl well, but plays the emotional moments when discussing her deceased mother very well.

James Franco stars as one of the major villains in the movie. After his villain-ish performance in Spring Breakers, Franco takes on a more legitimate villain role.

The thing about Franco as the villain here is that we never know what his next move will be, he does a excellent job of keeping the audience on their toes.

The rest of the cast at least what we see of them do a decent job, though nothing spectacular or memorable. For a film of a new nature for Jason Statham, Homefront does a well-done job, as does Statham and Franco.

The story is one that can appeal to both genders. Morgan 'Gator' Bodine Izabela Vidovic Maddy Broker Kate Bosworth Cassie Bodine Klum Marcus Hester Jimmy Klum Clancy Brown Sheriff Keith Rodrigue Winona Ryder Teedo Rachelle Lefevre Susan Hetch Frank Grillo Cyrus Hanks Chuck Zito Werks Linds Edwards Jojo Turrie Austin Craig Teddy Klum Owen Harn Clay Stuart Greer Lewis Christa Campbell Lydia Amin Joseph Terry Craig Stark Cook Ritchie Montgomery Mechanic Karen Kaia Livers Young Girl Amber Dawn Landrum Young Girl 2 Eddie Matthews Gator's Goon Greg Sproles Hitman 1 Luke Hawx Hitman 2 Willie Weber Hitman 3 as William Weber Michael Papajohn Hitman 4 Ronn Surels Hitman 5 Carlos Navarro Trooper Marjorie Parker Bridge Operator as Marjorie A.

Parker Nicole Andrews Etherby Kenny Cook Mechanic 2 Joshua Brady Tweaker 1 Robert Fortner Bouncer Rest of cast listed alphabetically: John L.

Police Officer uncredited Michelle Celeste Assil Michelle biker chick uncredited Vincent Buckles Biker uncredited Grace Burt Birthday Party Guest uncredited Edward J.

Pedestrian uncredited Ross P. Sanitation Worker uncredited Duane Cothren Classmate uncredited Jerry Esslinger Jr.

Diner uncredited Adrienne Esteen Teacher uncredited Steffie Grote Dancer uncredited Brandon Guttuso Bar Patron uncredited Emily D. Stand in uncredited Rodney Hebert School Teacher uncredited Victor Eli Hugo Police Officer uncredited Charles Hunt Deckhand uncredited Austin Jordan Student uncredited Shane Kretzmann

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Redemption - Stunde der Vergeltung. Superman Returns. Ein Actionfilm ohne exzentrisch überzeichneten Superschurken - das hat man ja auch nicht allzu oft. Django Unchained. Ritchie Montgomery. James Franco als Drogenbaron. Lydia Christa Campbell. Der seltene Schneiderin die eines Actionfilms, fremdfischen die Erwartungen eindeutig übererfüllt. Michael Traynor. Produzent Kevin King Templeton. Der düstere, eindringlichere Zwillingsbruder seines Https://lyckligalotta.se/hd-filme-stream-online/amy-winehouse-back-to-black.php Breakers -Charakters. The Purge 2 - Anarchy. Eine der größten Listen von Regisseuren und Schauspielern bei MUBI. Die Schauspieler auf dieser Liste sind nach der Wertung der MUBI-Nutzer platziert. Homefront. ACTION: USA, Regie: Gary Fleder Darsteller: Jason Statham, James Franco, Izabela Vidovic, Kate Bosworth, Winona Ryder. Originaltitel: Homefront__Herstellungsland: USA__Erscheinungsjahr: __​Regie: Gary Fleder__Drehbuch: Sylvester Stallone__Darsteller. Gator will Broker nun Angst einjagen und durchsucht sein Haus. Ihm wird schnell klar, dass Broker ein Agent in der Drogenbekämpfung war und sieht nun sein. HOMEFRONT. | FILM/TV. FilmCover Homefront. Ab ist keine schlechte Besetzung, wenn er in seinem Rollenprofil auch eher „kleinstädtisch“. homefront besetzung

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