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Wells suggested exists in the fiber of our economy. Ongoing response. Page Machining, re-imagined. Around the world, Climax Portable Machine Tools is helping shipyards re-imagine their opportunities.

For one leading shipbuilder, it was the power to cut the delicate installation of an antenna array from seven days to one. For another, it was reducing the time to cut weld build-up on submarine valve seats from hours to eight.

For another, it was a train-the-trainer program that reversed the attrition of expert machinists. See the opportunities on your horizon.

Call us to learn how Climax on-site tools, custom engineering, consultation and training can move your business forward with all deliberate speed.

To re-imagine your career, go to www. SPS Bringing the solution to you. With changes in demographics, economic conditions, technology, marketing and social media, now might be the right time to step back and look at the way business is being done.

Business reinvention is a process of looking at your current business model, and determining what areas could use a transformation.

How do you go about reinventing your business? A good place to start is reviewing your current operations to develop an action plan.

How could you operate more efficiently, develop an added client base, or a create a new vision for products and services. Innovation means taking a close look at what you offer that may no longer be profitable or efficient.

Look at everything you are doing. Ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing and if there might be a better way to accomplish it.

Innovation is the key to future success and productivity. Economic conditions that exist today make it a perfect time for restructuring.

This way, when the economy recovers your business will be positioned and ready to move forward.

The population is aging and diversifying, there are rapid changes in technology and consumer demands, and changes in the industry and market structure present a rich environment for innovation to occur.

Customers are an important source of information and should be big part of your effort. Their comments could show how changes to a current or new product could prove beneficial to you both.

The following are how companies are reinventing their business to show what your the next steps may be. Determine how you could expand the use of your assets and capabilities.

Operate more efficiently? Could you collaborate with another business to create a purchasing pool, share office or warehouse space or launch a joint marketing campaign?

Look at how you interface with your customers. Are you making it easy for them to do business with you?

Can they reach you when needed and are your hours of operation in line with customer needs? Does your website have necessary information for customers and possible new customer to make informed decisions.

Developing New Products As customers needs change, staying competitive often requires development of new products or services.

When thinking about increasing revenue or developing new products, keep your existing customer base in mind, but also consider non-customers.

For a successful new product launch, extensive research is required. John Salstrom of Salem Trophy heard about some proprietary equipment manufactured in Portland, OR that had been developed to create architectural tiles.

The high-speed production laser equipment combines speed, quality and fine detail to create works of tile art. This new product line required extensive research into competitors there were none , a supply chain for the tiles to be used and testing of equipment for best results.

A new website and new signage at their Market Street location has been completed. Call or visit www.

They are working closely together in the re-manufacturing of lumber. They take standard-sized lumber cut by other mills and saw it into new shapes and dimensions for added-value.

The businesses are expanding and are carving out niche markets for increased business. With a tough couple years behind them, the companies had to look at ways to reinvent themselves and find new markets.

Products made in Turner include precut lumber for wood and steel roof systems used on commercial and industrial buildings. Home Depot stores on the West Coast, as well as the new distribution center in Salem contain wood components made by Action Wood.

They also cut lumber for customers who supply other home improvement stores. Action Wood and Turner Lumber have made big strides to diversify their business.

An opportunity in India for pre-cut lumber with precise requirements which is used in cooling towers has kept the companies busy and increased their export business.

Another product is custom remanufacturing of pallets for Coca-Cola. These pallets are taken apart as needed, wood replaced and painted and ready for reuse.

Nearly all goods that are transported overseas are packaged in wooden crates, and these crates which are required by law to be constructed of heat-treated wood to destoy any pests.

At the Turner Lumber facility, kilns are being used to heat treat lumber for this purpose. Versality and small niche products have allowed the companies to expand and bring back many employees they had laid off in the last couple of years.

Create a New Vision for Products Marquis Spas, is celebrating 30 years of manufacturing premium portable hot tubs. They are staying competitive by building quality products and providing excellent customer service.

Marquis monitors what is going on in the industry and marketplace and adjust their product offerings as needed.

For example, they launched price-point hot tubs to assist their dealers during the recession.

These hot tubs still provide the core features customers are looking for, but at a lower price point. Their marketing efforts have also reached out to possible new customers with an emphasis on health, wellness and therapeutic values.

In addition to their spa lines, an accessory line that include storage benches, counter cabinets and steps has been developed. According to Scott Hossner, co-owner and senior producer the facility has been part of their 10 year plan and the move keeps them right on target.

The new location is just north of downtown, a perfect location to serve a large part of their client base here in Salem, with good access to the I-5 corridor for out of town clients.

The new facility includes a larger studio space and room for an everexpanding inventory of projection systems, sound reinforcement and lighting gear.

It also makes a convenient, well-equipped space for single and multi-camera live-to-tape production.

Their new functional kitchen with modern design complete with granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances is a perfect setting for filming cooking shows and product demonstrations.

AVP is continually expanding their services and this new space has prepared them for continued growth. They offer full audio video services and rentals, including screens, projectors, sound systems, and many other AV needs.

With the new space Allied plans to continue to compete head-to-head with other production companies throughout the region. Direct owner involvement, quality and attention to detail, consistency, and employee spirit all promote the business.

Customer service is important as ABC wants their clients to realize that they only need one source for all of their building maintenance needs.

With 22 employees, it is important to Londin that everyone is on board with the companies culture of providing quality service.

A positive team attitude has allowed the company to grow. It has also allowed for an open communication between the employees that is very beneficial.

Increased involvement in the business gives the employees a sense of ownership and being a part of the ABC team. Internal meetings are held where employees are asked how to make things work better, and they are free to say and be able www.

These meetings cover an array of information from safety issues to working as a team. The employees knowledge of the company has improved the turnover rate.

To keep hard-working employees the company has scheduled staff meetings, accountability for work done and a public wall to acknowledge employee achievements.

ABC is surviving the economy by being flexible. They are the largest independently owned local provider of this type of services.

In addition, the purchase of Santiam Sweeping has added-value to their services and is a good fit to their business model.

Challenge Industry Assumptions In the food processing equipment world there are few dealers who can keep up with the larger companies and dealer networks.

Layton Manufacturing Co. They anticipate changes in the market place and the effect the changes will bring on meeting customers challenging needs for new and better food handling and processing equipment.

However, Layton offers more flexible solutions and offers a customized approach to add value to a single piece of equipment or to a completeturnkey system.

Layton recently added staff with extensive experience in the food handling and processing machinery industry to add value to their engineering solutions.

This expansion into new areas create research and development challenges, but is positioning their business to become the provider of solutions for new technology in the industry.

There is a continuing trend towards automation for labor cost reductions in the food and beverage processing industries.

This is expected to drive up investment in capital improvements and customized equipment design. Layton is positioning themselves to be there with new solutions and more energy efficient equipment for continued innovation in food processing applications.

Gelco Construction Co. Kaiser Permanente Kaufman Homes, Inc. We wish you continued success in the future and look forward to a continued partnership.

Operating a business in the current economic climate can be challenging. Here is what a few of them had to say. Reinventing your Products or Services Reinventing your company may sound like a daunting task, but it becomes a necessity as economic conditions change.

All of these have assisted with the growth of their business. The success, however was not only in the shift in services, but doing it in a way that met the needs of the clients.

Garrett Hemann Robertson, PC which has roots in the community dating back to , has found success in the ability to expand their business to offer a fullservice law firm.

They are able to assist businesses and business owners with a vast array of legal needs from business tax to personal property law; thus eliminating the need for their clients to seek out multiple firms as their business and personal lives change.

New opportunities can also be found in a market by using existing tools and staff. This was the path that Kaufman Homes, Inc.

A well recognized business in the area since , they are in an industry that continues to be hit hard by the slower economy.

They began offering repair and maintenance services using four completely equipped trucks and their existing highly skilled technicians; a strategic move that generated needed revenue and kept all of their employees working.

Cherry City Electric has been a premier electrical services company in Salem since Changing technology has shifted their business from traditional electrical wiring and design jobs to fiber optic and high speed data networks.

In addition, they are actively looking for ways to adapt their business to the green technology and building methods movement; continuously providing value to the owner of every job.

Green technology and renewable energy options have also prompted PGE - Portland General Electric to shift their business as the movement gains momentum and support in the U.

They added Clean Wind products in , and have implemented many programs designed to assist their customers with energy efficiency. SEDCOR Enterprise Magazine Connecting to Your Customers In addition to reinventing products or services a company offers its customers, companies have found necessity in adapting the ways in which they communicate.

Technology has made communication faster and more efficient. They launched a special site www. In addition, they have adopted a vast toolkit of new technology to reach customers such as Twitter for information about outages and YouTube to show videos on how wind power works.

AKT, LLP has used electronic communication to deliver timely relevant topics quickly to their clients and then leveraged that communication for continued face to face interaction and seminars for more detailed information.

They have begun a blog on their website for several industry niches allowing them to tailor the information that is delivered to meet the needs of that specific customer demographic.

If customers are located in other states or other countries face to face communication can be challenging. Advanced communication technology, however, is not the end all answer for all customers.

Traditional media avenues such as print, television and radio are still sometimes the best way to reach your customer base.

Kaufman Homes uses technology in a creative way to reach their customers and keep jobs on track. They leverage the capabilities of cell phone camera capabilities to send photos to customers to assist in expediting decision making on the job site.

However, they still find success in the traditional marketing methods of mailing customers seasonal cards, marketing letters and event invitations.

The bottom line is connecting with your customers is vital no matter what the communication method.

It is all about connecting in a way that is familiar to them; traditional communication methods for a traditional client base and electronic or progressive methods for a more technically advanced client demographics.

Finally, all of the companies that were interviewed agreed that there is no substitute for word of mouth advertising; your clients and customers are your best marketing team!

This requires businesses to continuously connect with their customer base so they know you are open for business and ready to serve their needs.

What the Future Holds Some analysts will tell you that the economy is turning around and things are improving, while others say we still have a long road ahead of us.

No matter what your opinion, it is crucial that your business has a plan for how to become more competitive. Can I offer service on my product?

Do my traditional communication methods need updating? Are there non-traditional customers that have been neglected by the industry?

Business reinvention does not happen overnight or without thought and planning. However, if planned and executed properly your business too could experience continued success in any economic condition.

Reporting news about the MidWillamette Valley remains a core value, but much has changed since those days when horses and hawkers delivered the earliest editions.

Home delivery remains a preferred method for many customers, but Statesman Journal readers now access local news and information anywhere in the world at any time.

The Statesman Journal has evolved into Statesman Journal Media, reflecting the rich array of print and digital products that connect the Mid-Valley audience in this brave, new world.

We keep people informed and try to ensure an engaged and connected community. We also connect businesses with potential customers and help businesses grow their business by getting their word out.

Statesman Journal Media produces a daily newspaper, seven community weeklies, three magazines, various special sections and multiple Web sites.

You also can engage with Statesman Journal through numerous Twitter and Facebook accounts. You can find Statesman Journal videos on YouTube.

And its mobile site m. For instance, the awardwinning Willamette Woman magazine has proven to be popular among professional women. Page 12 The Statesman Journal offers a rich array of print and digital products.

Statesman Journal Media account executives do more than sell advertising. They offer marketing ideas and consultations with the focus on helping businesses of all sizes grow and prosper.

Statesman Journal Media not only has changed, it is shaping the path in the Mid-Valley and the industry. The Sunday Statesman Journal has added more than two dozen new features since fall Statesman Journal Media has a digital Readers Advisory Panel of nearly 1, residents who offer ongoing feedback on content and advertising efforts.

News delivery now means instantaneous access. You can get breaking news through StatesmanJournal. The possibilities are unlimited.

It is certainly an exciting time to be a media company. There are so many possibilities. It needs to push the boundaries of its category, product or service offering, and find something that truly differentiates itself from its competitors.

Climax Portable Machine Tools made its mark by breaking from traditional machining methods. This cultural philosophy has influenced decisions ranging from its approach to repair and maintenance challenges presented by its customers, to workforce training and internship programs.

Its sales staff, designers and expert engineers work closely with customers to consider new methods of repairing heavy equipment and then develop machining solutions that save considerable time and money, and ensure project success.

Even the machine tools Climax builds reflect its push for reimagined machining solutions. This is evidenced in a portable linear mill developed for the Army Corps of Engineers.

The tool was designed to repair the quoins on the Markland Locks, which were eroding and preventing the lock doors from closing properly.

The Climax design team, led by its VP of Engineering, Lawrence Rentz, developed the remotely-controlled machine that will enable the Corps to do in 17 days what would have taken possibly several months the traditional way.

In response, the company began providing industry-specific classroom and hands-on training for its customers.

It also created a unique internship program. Now in its third year, the intern program is paying off big time. Climax has seen a threefold return on investment of the internship program in terms of time saved on tasks performed, clerical and shop assistance, and process improvements.

Moreover, interns who went through the program say it was an invaluable experience and influenced them to pursue higher goals for their lives.

The company also recognized the opportunity to involve schools and other businesses in the Newberg area.

For interested companies, Climax will share information and help them establish their own internship or training program.

Manufacturing, Newberg Ford and Burgerville have already signed on to participate. The newest addition to our marketing plan is Groupon visit www.

At the beginning of the dip in the economy, somewhere in those first few months of , we took a closer look at our advertising vehicles and the returns each was bringing in.

Some were easy to discard and others took more thought. How could you? A down economy is when you most need new customers coming in or to entice your current customers back in with a new product, service or special.

Groupon negotiates huge discounts on popular local goods, services and cultural events. Then they offer the deals to thousands of subscribers in a free daily email.

The deals are activated only when a minimum number of people agree to buy. Therefore their subscribers get a great deal and the business gets a ton of new customers.

Ours is a specialty market so we start from a smaller group and must determine how to reach those individuals.

Not an easy task. This group does not all live in the same area, they are not of a particular socioeconomic or demoographic group. We actually have two distinct and quite different target customer groups.

At first, I was tempted to just say no. But as I listened to the sales consultant, a couple things hit me that kept me listening: one, this was aimed at a tech-savvy, interested group of people who wanted to read the latest offer from a local merchant; and two, there was no out of pocket cost for us.

The internet has become the most used method of finding a business or researching an interest. I receive at least one call a week from someone wanting me to advertise or otherwise spend my advertising and marketing dollars with them.

Many are quite easy to dismiss due to their cash outlay requirements. There are approximately 28, people registered to receive the daily emails from Salem-area merchants.

All those people would see the Graham Aviation name and logo in their email that morning, many for the first time. That excited me.

The sales started slowly that Monday morning, but by the end of offering, we had far surpassed our expectations of package sales.

More than the sales volume, though, was the fact that our phone kept ringing. People who had seen the Groupon email, but missed the deadline for purchase still wanted to buy a flight from us.

What did we have to offer, they asked. I was amazed. Here was the true power of focused internet marketing.

I know it has worked for us. CallC visit www. Founded two years ago using a grass roots, client-driven economic development model that has gained traction around the world, GROW offers free, confidential business coaching to any entrepreneur, from Aumsville to Idanha, who wants to open, expand, diversify, sell or save a business.

In the past two years GROW has met with clients, helped retain 28 jobs and create 77 full and part-time positions, and has helped dozens of businesses expand, diversify or fine-tune operations.

About 30 new businesses have opened during that time, roughly ten of whom have already followed the model that GROW suggests. The process they use is simple but profound.

And no one person likes to do it all. Friends, family, volunteers, paid professionals and people willing to barter have all stepped forward to help entrepreneurs re-tool or get ready to open.

Both passionate about baking, Sarah figured out their food costs and pricing while Bonnie worked on their marketing plan.

Today they wholesale their product to a few outlets and spend the rest of their time baking scones, muffins, cookies, quiche and pies that they deliver to clients along Hwy 22 and in Salem.

Even in this economic climate, clients like Bonnie and Sarah who have put their trinity of management in place are less stressed, moving forward, and feel more confident about the future.

And if they hit a pothole, they have a mechanism in place to get back on track. How does GROW work? This research has concluded that the best way to develop rural businesses is to have an Enterprise Facilitator Allison in our case provide free, confidential, one-onone business coaching, assisting existing and would-be business owners to make informed decisions about the viability of their ideas.

As this is a client-focused process, the client determines the pace and frequency of meetings with the Facilitator.

For more information call or visit www. Frederick, P. Frederick Consulting, LLC A s we move past and make plans for , many organizations make advances to reinvent themselves.

We realize that sometimes the result of what we have done in the past is not good enough. We recognize a new opportunity that requires our organization to make changes in order to take advantage.

Whatever the challenge to reinvent is, one should think of Lean Manufacturing and how application of the basics can positively affect your organization.

Almost everyone has had some exposure to Lean Manufacturing, either the Toyota Manufacturing System, training, or through the vast amount of information available.

Lean thinking can be pretty simple! Lean Manufacturing is defined as the Identification and Elimination of Waste. The goal is to make changes to minimize those wastes!

Can you adjust your equipment to lower its production capacity? There may be some cost involved, but you will have a production line that is more flexible and the ability to change product faster.

All wait time cannot be eliminated, but a good analysis of your equipment for quick change over may be the right thing to do in order to be more productive.

Think of methods to perform maintenance on equipment that reduces the time-to-repair. Use of sub-assembly change outs or bolted assemblies versus welded assemblies can be a couple of time savers.

Page 16 Transportation: How often do you move product from one station to another? Do you have a layout of your shop area that is not conducive to smooth product flow?

Start with your sales and order processing methods. Do you have the right information at the beginning of the production cycle to have necessary materials on hand?

Can you move operators to the product instead of the other way around? Sometimes thinking in reverse manufacturing order allows you see where a change can make a big difference.

Overprocessing: There is a tendency to make a product the best quality possible. Does the customer really need the gold plated version?

Ask your customer and truly understand the quality requirements needed and meet them. If you go overboard, recognize that it may be really more than your customer needs.

Inventory: Significant cost advantages can be seen by a minimized inventory of raw and finished materials. Optimize inventory all the time!

Motion: Think of this as implementing changes. Make sure a project has a good definition, clear goals, and a way to measure progress.

Use good measurement tools to make sure that you are on track. Correction: Most manufacturing operations have initial rejected materials, due to manufacturing defects or mistakes.

Most companies can do rework to correct defects, however sometimes it is more costly to correct than the product is worth.

Know when to say STOP. Figure out why you have to have corrective actions and eliminate them to solve this problem. In a new product, Six Sigma tools allow you to design out the defects before you start.

Underutilized People: People are your most valuable asset. They hold the knowledge of how you do things, what and how to correct problems, skills to perform complicated tasks and interface with your customers.

Training is essential in Lean Manufacturing and for employees to do their jobs properly. The state is ranked fifth in total installed capacity of wind power in the U.

The emergence of the renewable energy sector should provide many manufacturing opportunities for Oregon companies.

The large installed base of wind machines will require spare parts and maintenance support. Local suppliers can provide faster and more reliable service without high transportation costs and long lead times.

OMEP consulting staff will meet with interested companies, assess existing system and capabilities, develop a plan for improvement and work closely with companies to help them implement the plan.

Contact Gerry Snell at visit www. The branch opened its doors on November 15th and will hold a grand opening event in early This will be their first branch in Marion County, 25th branch in Oregon and 84th banking office.

City of Dallas Ten-Year Review As we near the end of another decade, Dallas has been looking back over the past ten years. They found some interesting facts.

Call or visit their website at www. The college then began work creating more family wage jobs and strengthening the talent of our workforce.

Subsequently, the educational infrastructure for a stronger economy is emerging from the ground up at Chemeketa locations throughout the valley.

The State of Oregon forecasts that over fifty percent of the new job opportunities in our region will require more than a high school diploma and less than a four-year degree, so Chemeketa is at the forefront of preparing workers for the future economy.

The first one to be completed will be the health sciences classroom complex that combines over 71, square-feet of new construction with a re-model of 56, square feet in an existing building.

Brooks facility will host resources for fire science, emergency response and criminal justice. The complex will open in Fall and provide the learning environment to fill the projected need in the Mid-Willamette Valley for 1, more health care professionals by Private donations are equipping a community dental clinic where students will provide thousands of treatment appointments per year for under-served and under-insured patients.

Steel workers at the Brooks facility. The second building on the Salem campus will provide stateof-the-industry training in technical professions so our local workforce is prepared to meet the future demand for technicians in fabrication, process and emerging technologies.

The applied technology building is planned to open in fall of At Brooks, Chemeketa will host a comprehensive training resource for professionals and students in the fields of fire science, emergency response and criminal justice.

Our region is projected to soon require hundreds of more professionals in these fields, and the new, three-story, 30, square-foot building, designed and built by SEDCOR members Studio 3 Architecture and Skanska Construction, will help fulfill that demand.

The emergency response classroom building will open in fall of Patricia L. Bolger -- bring to the Company. Page 20 New Cranberry Orchard Medley Delivers Delicious Convenience This versatile cranberry compote is at home as a side dish, a condiment or topping.

T ruitt Bros. Each ounce shelf-stable pouch pack of Cranberry Orchard Medley is loaded with Oregon-grown cranberries, Washington-grown Fuji apples, oranges, a blend of spices and just a touch of cane sugar, making this versatile product equally at home on the plate next to the turkey, as it is spooned over ice cream or a stack of pancakes.

The Oregon-grown cranberries are among the brightest juiciest, sweetest berries on the market. There, the handy pouches are thermally sterilized.

This method, combined with a low profile package, allows for a much shorter sterilization time than traditional jarred or canned food, ensuring that the food is nutritious and safe without sacrificing flavor and eliminating the need for additives and preservatives traditionally used to extend shelf life.

Leaders in bringing quality and innovation to the industry since , Truitt Bros. As part of their commitment to preservation of natural resources, as well as positive employee relations and environmentally responsible manufacturing practices, Truitt Bros.

The portable hot tubs manufacturer has unveiled several new hot tubs and configurations, in addition to dramatic upgrades.

Marquis is also adding a , based on the extremely popular model seating. In addition to adding new tubs to the line-up, Marquis is also adding features to the already dynamic Everyday Hot Tubs.

Plus, these spas can now also be bought with a Barnwood exterior color and a Charcoal cover. For additional information about Everyday Hot Tubs by Marquis, visitwww.

Marquis Spas, an Oregon-based employee-owned company, is celebrating 30 years of manufacturing premium portable hot tubs.

The company distributes its products in the U. With a newly constructed 17, sq. Each piece of product is ink jet printed with the job number and piece mark for quick on the job identification.

The state-of-the-art computer efficiency of the rollforming line allows for precision hole punching, from customer supplied punch charts, assuring you the most economical product with the latest in technological accuracy.

In December , Pacific Building Systems received an Oregon Business Development Fund loan for the purchase of equipment to set up production of purlins and other rollformed components used in steel buildings.

This project is an outgrowth of their other business, Truss T Structures, Inc, dba Pacific Building Systems, which has operated in Woodburn since The company manufactures steel buildings, and had purchased the purlins and other roll-form components from another manufacturer.

The Purlin Mill was set up to bring the manufacturing of these items in-house, to allow better control of quality and pricing.

Even in this tough economy, the business is doing well. We now supply purlins to two other steel building manufacturers, as well as many smaller customers.

Climax Portable Machine Tools has won the Manufacturer of the Year award for achieving extensive growth. The honor was awarded in the medium-sized company category and was given to the Climax team by the Portland Business Journal.

Climax Portable Machine Tools is recognized worldwide for its engineering services, customized training programs, and excellence in the design and manufacture of portable machine tools used in on-site machining.

These portable machines bring the power and precision of large stationary machines directly to the piece of equipment to be repaired, enabling customers to efficiently repair and maintain heavy equipment in Geoff Gilmore, Climax CEO, proudly displays the Manufacturing Company of the Year Award, along with members of the management team from left Andy Becker, Geoff Gilmore, Joni George, Lawrence Rentz place.

In-place machining often cuts days off the repair process so equipment can get back into operation with a minimum of downtime or disruption.

Stroke patients arriving at Silverton Hospital benefit from the care of an experienced staff and a network of expert providers.

A stroke occurs when a clot blocks the blood supply to the brain. Once an individual has a stroke, every second counts.

The clotbusting drug, tPA tissue plasminogen activator , must be given in the first few hours after a stroke has occurred to maximize the chance of improvement.

More than family businesses were nominated in VPR was recognized in the category of businesses with nine or fewer employees.

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Fred DГјren Video

Fred DГјren Video

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